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On Good Friday Jesus died on the Cross, the sky got dark and the curtain in the Temple tore from top to bottom, symbolising the division between God and humanity being removed because of Jesus' sacrifice.


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Christians have three holidays Easter, Good Friday and Christmas. Christianity has 3 religious holiday they are Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas

Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas

Some of major events of Christianity are the events around Easter, Good Friday, Pentecost and Christmas.

It is black Saturday or the Easter vigil.

In Christianity it is believed that Jesus was forced to carry his own crucifix in the day of his death which is commonly referred to as Good Friday.

This is the day that Jesus rose after he was crucified on Good Friday.

For the majority in Christianity, it is believed that Jesus died on a Friday - hence the term Good Friday. These Christians would point to the crucifixion as the propiation (making right or as some like to say 'at-one-ment' for atonement) of all mankind allowing us a 'pathway' to salvation and eternal life. Thus the 'good' adjective use.

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, which is a different date in Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. In Western Christianity the date of Easter is determined by using the Gregorian calendar and in Eastern Christianity the date of Easter is determined by using the Julian Calendar. 2013 - March 29 (Western) and May 3 (Eastern) 2014 - April 18 (Western) and April 18 (Eastern) 2015 - April 3 (Western) and April 10 (Eastern) 2016 - March 25 (Western) and April 29 (Eastern)

The Belfast Agreement, more commonly called the Good Friday Agreement, was signed in Belfast, as part of the Northern Ireland peace process.

The Belfasst Agreement, more commonly referred to as the Good Friday Agreement. It was signed on the 10th of April 1998, which happened to be Good Friday in 1998.

In coutries where Christianity is not the dominant religion banks were open. The NY Stock exchange was open on Good Friday so many trading centers and banks of different countries were also open.

Spain is a Roman Catholic country. Good Friday is celebrated the same day by Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic Church. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter, which is calculated differently in Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. Easter falls on the first Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon, the full moon on or after 21 March, taken to be the date of the vernal equinox. The Western calculation uses the Gregorian calendar to establish the equinox. Churches following the Orthodox rites celebrate a differant day

Christianity, respectfully.

Easter Friday is not called Good Friday. Easter only starts two days after Good Friday. Although the term is never really used, Easter Friday would be the Friday after Easter Sunday, a week after Good Friday. As to why Good Friday is called Good Friday, there are various ideas. See the related question below.

It's the day of when Jesus was buried. Not only is the day of when he was raised up important to Christians, but when he was buried.

Good Friday 1943 was on Friday, April 23.

Good Friday 2012 was on Friday, April 6.

Good Friday 2013 was on Friday, March 29.

Good Friday falls on a Friday each year.

Good Friday 2009 was on Friday, April 10.

Good Friday 1955 was on Friday, April 8.

Good Friday 2014 was on Friday, April 18.

Good Friday 2012 was on Friday, April 6.

Good Friday 1968 was on Friday, April 12.

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