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The big orange fish in the Ice Fishing game in Club Penguin is a Mullet.

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Q: In Club penguin what is the name of the big fish in the Ice Fishing game?
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How do you get fish on Club Penguin?

You cannot get a fish in the game Ice Fishing but you CAN own a fish in Club Penguin. There's other pets in the Pet Shop. You do not need to feed them.

Where do you put the bait in Club Penguin?

You can't put the bait which is ''Mullet'' on Club Penguin, but you can get him in the fishing game by feeding him a fish when he comes.

Where is the jellyfish in Club Penguin?

In the fishing game.

How do you get a goldfish on Club Penguin?

It is completely impossable to get even a fish on club penguin (unless your fishing but you carn't bring it home).However you are able to catch the big fish on the fishing game on club penguin.All you have to do is about at the end of the game get a little fish on your line until the big fish comes and then hold it on your rod in the water while the big fish comes and there you go you have got a big fish!

How do you earn lots of money on club penguin?

by playing this fishing game and saving a fish at the end on your hook to catch the big fish.

Club penguin what is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?

game master:that's easy it's called a mullet

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing club Penguin?

game master:that's easy it's called a mullet

Which of these game has a shark in it Club Penguin?

ice fishing

Club Penguin which game has a shark in it?

this question can be carried out in different way's but the game is ice fishing ice fishing is on the map go to the ski village, then to the ski lodge right at the rear there shall be a door you go through and play! you wait and wait and catch fish as many as you can when you do catch yellow ones if you have bought a rod there is fast silver ones all you do is wait til the end and when mullet comes (big red fish) at the end comes you make sure that you have saved a fluffy fish the yellow fish and you wait until it eats the yellow fish and it will catch the mullet the sharks are in the game sometimes but you will have to watch out for them! because they eat your bait at the ends when you have caught the fish then you look at your coins take a look at your coins to see how much you got the mullet will have added 100 coins and watching out for sharks will have made it go down and if you caught one then your coins.. well they would go down but that's the concern the sharks have big teeth and they swim passed sometimes to eat bait hope you get the extra 100 and hope that answer's your question'. here is the easy steps 1. go to the ski lodge at the rear and go through the door to play 2. keep catching the fluffy fish and silver fish if they are there if you got the rod 3. when sharks come mind them they eat your bait. 4. at the end there will be mullet keep a fish for then it will eat it and that will catch it 5. in the end you will have 100 coins extra! that's the steps and the answer to your little question it's easy and you could tell your friends too to boost there coins! hope it did then I meen answers your question thanks!

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