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Q: In EastEnders what is Whitney Jackson's real name?
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What is Whitney dean from Eastenders real name?

Shona McGarty (not sure about the spelling)

What is Jacksons real name?

Jacksons real name is Jason earls Jacksons real name is Jason earls

Is Tracy Beaker's mum Whitney's real mum from Eastenders?


What is max in eastenders real name?

Max in Eastenders real name is Jake Wood

What is fatboy's real name from eastenders?

Fatboy from Eastenders real name is Ricky Norwood

What is Mickie real name on eastenders?

Mickey Miller's real name on Eastenders is Joe Swash.

What is Whitney Houstons real name?

Her real name is (was) Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

What is Jacks name out of eastenders?

jack from eastenders real name is Scott maslin

What is Honey's real name in EastEnders?

In Eastenders Honey is called Susan Mitchel her real life name is Emma Barton.

What is Whitney westgate real name?

What is Whitney Westgate real name & where is she now?

What is peter's real name in eastenders?

His real name is Thomas Law

In eastenders what is todds real name?

his real name is Ashley Kumar.

What is Amira's real name from EastEnders?

Her real name is Preeya Kalidas.

What is kat from eastenders real name?

her real name is jess Wallace

What is tyler in eastenders real name?

his real name is Tony Discipline

What is Phil in eastenders real name?

Steve mcfadden plays Phil in eastenders

How old is Whitney Jackson out of eastenders in real life?

She was born 1991 so now its 2009 she is 18 years old

What is genines real name in eastenders?

Janines real name is Charlie Brooks

What is jay brown from eastenders real name?

His real name is Jamie Borthwick.

What is tanya branning from eastenders real name?

Her real name is Jo Joyner

What is Peggy's real name in eastenders?

her real life name is Barbara windsor

What is syed of eastenders real name?

Syed Masood's real name is Marc Elliot

What is Micheal jacsons real name?

micheal jacksons real name is micheal joseph jackson

Jack from eastenders real name?

His name is Scott Maslen!

What is ronie from eastenders real name?

Her Name Is Samantha Janus