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Montag's reading of "Dover Beach" stirs Mrs. Phelp's emotions which have long been blocked by the city's culture, mass media, etc.

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Q: In Fahrenheit 451 Why does Mrs Phelps cry when she hears Montag read Dover Beach?
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What poem does Montag read in Fahrenheit 451?

"Dover Beach"

What page in Fahrenheit 451 does Montag read Dover beach?

pg 100

What poem does montag read?

Montag reads a poem called Dover beach.

Why does Mrs Phelps cry when Montag reads Dover Beach?

in short: it's a sad poem. there society isn't used to sad stuff.

Why does mrs. Phelps cry when montag reads Dover beach?

in short: it's a sad poem. there society isn't used to sad stuff.

Which lady was affected by the original intent of the poetry in Fahrenheit 451?

Mrs. Phelps was affected by the original intent of the poetry. She cried when Montag read Dover's poem.

What does dover beach mean in Fahrenheit 451?

Dover Beach in Fahrenheit 451 resembles parallel worlds of dystopia lacking faith and trust.

What poem does montag read to mildred?

He doesnt read it to Mildred, he reads it to her and her friends "Dover Beach"

Why does montag read dover beach to the ladies?

because he thinks its something meaningful and he wanted them to hear it

Why is Dover Beach the poem in Fahrenheit 451?

Dover beach is a touching poem. It signafies montags jiurney of ups and downs and never giving up as a leader.

Which poem does montag read to mildred and friends?

Montag reads the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold to Mildred and her friends. Because Montag reads the poem, it brings Mildred's friends to tears.

What attempt did Mildred make to save Montag from being a complete fool in the novel Fahrenheit 451?

Millie pretends that she was in on it, that the whole thing was just some sort of joke or demonstration to show just how silly books really are. Montag, after some convincing from Faber as well, ends up going along with it. After reading the poem ("Dover Beach"), Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles are both upset. Mrs. Phelps is in tears and Mrs. Bowles in furious, saying that books are evil and only cause trouble. Montag then proceeds to toss the book into the fire.

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