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Cant happen need parent or guardian.

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If you get married underage in Florida with parental consent will you automatically be emancipated?


What are the laws in Florida on a seventeen year old moving out?

im not 100% sure about florida, but in most of the U.S. you need to be emancipated OR have parental backing to move out under 18.

Can a 17 year old living in Florida move out with parental consent but not become legally emancipated?

Not until they are 18 years of age in Florida. Until then the parents determine where you live.

Can a sixteen-year-old in Florida with a good intact home become emancipated on his own?

yes but the whol3 thing about emancipation its a big contradiction. because you need parental concent to be emancipated

What's the youngest age you can move out without parental consent in Florida?

Eighteen, unless you are legall emancipated through some other means.

Is it legal for a 17-year-old to move out of the state of Florida without parental consent?

Only if they are emancipated, otherwise they have to wait until they are 18.

Is it legal to leave your parents' home in Florida without parental consent if you go to school and have a job?

No, the age of majority is 18. You would need to be legally emancipated if you want to leave home without parental consent.

Can you become emancipated in the state of Florida without going to court?

No. Marriage and/or enlistment in the active military confer emancipation on a minor, but parental consent is required for either act.

If you were emancipated in Florida and moved to West Virginia are you still legally emancipated?

AnswerYes, assuming the person has the actual emancipation decree from the court and not just the filing petition.Or the person reached the legal age of majority of 18 or was emancipated by enlisting in the active military or married both of which would have required parental consent.

Can seventeen yr old move out of fathers home legally in Florida?

Not unless the minor has parental permission to do so or has been emancipated in some manner such as marriage (requires parental consent) or court decree (which is RARELY granted). At 18, they can move out.

Is the father responsible for child support if the mother allows the minor to move in with boyfriend in the state of Florida?

Yes. A minor moving out with parental permission before she is 18 is not emancipated. You have to pay until she is.

Can you get emancipated at 15 in citrus county Florida?


Are you emancipated if you have a child in florida?

No you don't automatically get emancipated because you are pregnant or have a child in any state.

Can a 16-year-old become emancipated in Florida without parental consent?

Not without legal emancipation, which is usually much easier with parental consent. 16 is very young so it will not be easy. If there is abuse at home please contact the police immediately.

In the state of Florida can you move out of your parents house when you are 17 and 6 months old?

The age of majority in FL is 18. You can move out at 17 & 1/2 if you have parental consent or if you've been emancipated.

Is a teen mother automatically emancipated in the state of Florida?

No, they are not emancipated. Having a child does not change the age of adulthood.

Are you considered emancipated after having a baby in the State of Florida?


How old do you have to be in order to get emancipated in Florida?

see link

Can an 11 year old be emancipated from parents in Florida?

No you can't.

How old do you have to be to rent an apartment in Florida?

18, unless emancipated

How old does a minor have to be to work in Florida without parental signature?

Florida does not have parental consent as a statue in it's child labour laws. You thus do not need a signature to work as a minor in Florida.

How old do you have to be to be emancipated in the state of Florida?

A minor must be at least 16 in order to petition for emancipation in Florida.

Is it illegal in the state of Florida to video tape a minor without parental consent?

It is illegal in Florida to video tape a minor without parental consent.

Can a 17 year old State of Florida resident leave home?

The legal age adult in the State of Florida is 18 years old. As such, anyone under 18 years of age cannot leave home, unless you have parental consent, or have been declared emancipated by a State or Federal judge.

How old do you have to be to get emancipated in Florida?

You must be 16 and the paperwork has to be filed by the minor

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