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In the case of a conventional life estate the life estate holder and the remainderman must both execute the deed if they agree to sell the property.

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Can the widow sell house and lot for her purposes?

If she now owns the property, yes. If she only has a life estate, she cannot.

When was House of the Weeping Widow created?

House of the Weeping Widow was created in 1907.

Is a widow responsible for payment of deceased husbands medical bills?

The widow is not directly responsible for the medical bills unless they signed the paperwork, which is often the case. However, the estate is going to be responsible. Which means that the estate may be depleted and a lien placed on the house. The spouse may not inherit anything.

Who inherited Gene Autry's estate?

His widow, Jackie Autry.

What is a home for widow on late husband's estate called?

dower share

Does a Florida widow have to pay her husbands debts out of their estate?

In a way, yes - jointly held things like bank accounts are still part of the husband's estate, so yes, this can be used to pay off the husband's debts. The widow won't have to pay out of pocket with anything she had sole ownership of, like her own personal bank account. But anything that was shared, shares debt too.

Do black widows live in florida?

Both Latroductus bishipi, the so-called "Red Widow," and Latrodectus mactans, the southern Black Widow spider are found in Florida.

How can a widow keep an estate of deceased when no will was present?

Are you talking about the estate of you and your spouse? If you were married, then the estate will automatically be yours anyway. It would possibly be a different situation if you were divorced or separated.

Can you evict a widow from a house held in a trust?

A widow can be evicted from a house you received in a trust. It is best to go through a lawyer in this situation.

What are the release dates for Widow - 2008?

Widow - 2008 was released on: USA: 30 November 2008 (Tampa, Florida)

Where is black widow in counterfeit?

black widow is the woman inspector. her house is in the country side. youll have to receive the key to her house from the curator first.

What happens to a house if the wife's name is not on the house and the husband dies?

Generally, the man's estate must be probated at a considerable expense and the property will pass to the widow according to the state laws of intestacy after his debts have been paid. The widow may receive all or part depending on state laws. You can check the laws in your state at the related question link.

If there is a divorce in progess for the deceased and a child is appointed executor of the estate who has more rights the widow or executor?

The executor is the person who has the power and obligation to carry out the provisions in the will and perform all the duties necessary to settle the estate. The widow has no rights in that aspect of the estate. If the divorce decree was not yet entered at the time of death the widow will inherit according to the provisions in the will. In most states she can claim a statutory share if she is not satisfied with provisions made for her in the will.

How does widow respond to creditors calls if not joint on credit card bills?

Tell the credit card company that the card holder is deceased. They do have some rights in some states to collect the money owed from the deceased's estate. They can sue the "estate" for the money owed. Note: a life insurance policy paid to the widow is NOT his estate.

Is a widow automatically entitled to her husband's pension?

Usually a widow is entitled to their deceased husband pension and estate unless otherwise specified in their late spouses legally notarized will.

If the widow of the deceased remarries is she still entitled to his estate if their are legal heirs involved?

Generally, if she was married to the decedent at the time of death then she is entitled to a portion of the estate as the surviving spouse.

Is a widow responsible for her deceased husband's debts even though there is no estate?

That is the reason to create an estate. However, in most cases the spouse will have benefited from the debt and be held responsible.

What rights do a widow have to mother in-law estate?

None, unless named in the will. Any of her grandchildren will have a right.

If the credit card belong only to the deceased with no assets widow still have to pay?

The estate still has to pay the debt. Usually that means that the widow will have to pay the debt from the assets left by the husband.

A person dies his widow is named as his sole heir and his son is named the executor of the estate does the estate go to his widow and does the son still have to execute his part in the will?

If your father died as the sole owner of property, i.e., property not held as joint tenants with the right of survivorship with his wife, then his estate must be probated in order for title to property to pass legally to his wife. If his will provided that all his property was to pass to his wife then the will must be probated and once allowed must be followed to the letter. If the son does not want to be appointed executor, the widow can choose an alternate executor, file an assent with the petition for probate and the son can file a declination. The widow should hire an attorney to handle the probate of the estate.

A widow for twenty eight years has named a beneficiary has no house and no will but several kids in Texas do all kids have a right to the money?

Yes, unless a will is found the widow's estate goes to her offspring, which should be divided evenly between them.

Who are the other visitors at the governors house?

Mistress Hibbins - a widow

Where black widow in counterfeit?

shes in that house were that woman and her son is at

Is a widow responsible for her husband's debt?

The husband's estate is responsible. If she was a co-signer or beneficiary of the debt, she will have some responsibility.

What happened with Conway Twitty's last wife and his estate?

Since Conway Twitty's will had not been updated to reflect his third marriage, and therefore did not list his third wife as a beneficiary, the estate was a point of dispute between his four adult children and his widow. The state of Tennessee reserves one-third of any estate for the surviving widow, and after years of probate, his children were awarded the rights to his image, name and music. His widow refused the appraised value of her third of the assets, which were then sold off in public auction.

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