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It all depends. If you are a four-yar old boy, nobody minds. If you are a teenage girl or young woman, that's considered distasteful even. And this is considered cheaply vulgar when wearing skirts. For men it is not considered polite especially when speaking to someone (in the office, etc..)

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Where is it tacky to cross legs when sitting dowm?

It is tacky to cross your legs when sitting down at a wedding. It is also tacky at a funeral because of the body language it shows.

Something that you do sitting down?

your moving when your sitting down

What is considered tacky in France?

It is considered tacky in france if your bra strap is showing or your hem is partly undone or your clothes are crumpled and not properly pressed , broken fingure nails or nail polish not impeccably applied, runny mascara or badly madeup makup or your shoulder strap hanging down your shoulder, if you have 3 months' white hair roots showing, if your shirt is hanging out out of your trousers.

Can you urinate sitting down?

Anyone can urinate sitting down. Many men and most women urinate sitting down.

What is the difference between sitting stance and horse stance?

horse stance:that means you have to open your legs shoulder-width apart so that if you are sitting on the horse. sitting stance:in the standing position,your left foot back a cross taken the stand down.

What is kathisophobia?

an irrational fear of sitting down. an irrational fear of sitting down.

What is the best position to digest food standing up or sitting down?

Sitting down

Who has the penguin sitting down logo?

Club Penguin has the logo of a penguin sitting down.

What phobia is the fear of sitting down?

cathisophobiathe fear of sitting down is called Kathisophobia.kathisophobia kathisophobia

Does sitting down make you drunker?

Based on the categories you put this in, were you sitting down to type? If so, quite possibly.

Do ostriches sleep sitting down?

They squat down

What is the appropriate way to sit down when wearing a skirt?

If it is short, pull it down and smooth it in the back as you are sitting, and keep your knees together. Cross your feet on the floor. If the skirt is long, you would still sit down the same way, but you do not have to be as concerned about exposure.

How do you fix tacky paint?

Fixing tacky paint is almost impossible. Honestly, your best choice, unless it's tiny, is to redo it. You may need to sand it down, use primer, or simply paint it over to fix it.

Do pandas eat lying down or sitting down?

Pandas are very odd creatures. They enjoy eating sitting down, lying down, or even standing up. It all depends on their size.

What do you do if you're sitting down and you rip your dress or skirt?

if you rip your dress when sitting down simply cover that area and excuse yourself from the table.

What are good ways of getting comfortable sitting down when your unborn child is in a transverse position?

There is no problem with sitting down when baby is in transverse position.

Is it healthier to eat standing up or sitting down?

sitting because it is better for your digestive track

What is the function of the gluteus maximus?

Sitting down

How do you burn calories sitting down?

get up

Can you get Dysuria by sitting down on hot cement?


What is the function of the gluteus superficialis?

sitting down ;)

How does mayonnaise make you poo?

Sitting down

Is the Mona Lisa sitting down?


How could you ride a motorcycle?

sitting down

Does sitting down make your butt bigger?