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In German plugs what color wire is neutral and what color wire is live?

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In Germany or, as a matter of fact, in Europe, the colors for the mains wires are as follows:

Live (L): Brown (and also red on old wiring circuits in UK and Eire) or black, but black is not very common)

Neutral (N): Blue (and also black on old wiring circuits in UK and Eire)

Earth is Yellow and Green striped

Caution: Many cheap power (extension) cables made in China and sold through Dollar stores (or equivalent) do not comply with the minimum safety precautions, namely:

- They don't have an Earth wire connecting the plug and socket (i.e., only 2 wires connecting to live and neutral, although using earthed plugs and sockets)

- You may get a potentially lethal electrical shock if you use one of these cables to connect an appliance with exposed metal connected to the earth terminal.

- The wire diameter is way too small for the rated power and will overheat and may start a fire if used to connect appliances that are power-hungry like heaters, stoves, etc.

If you suspect a cable, have it checked by a qualified electrician / technician -

Don´t take unnecessary chances just by trusting labels from Chinese products!!

As we say in Portugal, Paper accepts anything you want to print there, good or bad, right or wrong.


As always, if you are in doubt about what to do, the best advice anyone should give you is to call a licensed electrician to advise what work is needed.

Before you do any work yourself,

on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,

always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energized.




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What color is live wire in old plugs?

In the UK, the old wiring colours were... Live = red, Neutral = black, Earth = green.

Is brown live and blue neutral?

When it comes to electricity and plugs, brown is live, blue is neutral and the green and yellow wire is the earth.

What is the color of live wire neutral wire and ground wire in Bangladesh.?

In Bangladesh the color of live is green and neutral is blue and ground is black.

What is distinguish between 2 pin plug and 3 pin plug?

Two pin plugs have two pins, for live and neutral. Three pins plugs, perhaps not surprisingly, have three pins, live, neutral and earth.

Why are 3 pin plugs important?

They are important because they are used to plug in to the electricity supply. The three pins are live, neutral and earth, also called hot, neutral and ground.

What color is the live wire in 110 volt which color is neutral which color is ground?

Canada and US - The colour of live wires in home wiring are red and black. The neutral is white. Ground is bare when in a cable set like loomex. Ground is green when associated with fixtures and appliances.

What is the color of the earth wire live wire and neutral wire?

US standard Earth is green, live is black, and neutral is white UK Live is brown, neutral is blue, and earth is green with yellow stripe. Since in the US the earth is referred to as the ground wire it is assumed you are asking about UK standard.

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What is the configuration of 220 volt plug?

There are many different types of 220 Volt plug. Different plugs are used in different countries.Two pin plugs have two wires, live (brown) and neutral (blue).Three pin plugs have the two wires above, plus Earth (green/yellow).Rewireable plugs are labelled which wire goes where. The wiring colours are an international standard, unlike plugs.

What are the wire color in electricity?

The wire color indicates what type of voltage the wire is carrying. Color coding is important for safety because the live, neutral and earth wires must never be confused. Color codes differ between Europe and USA etc.

What colors are electrical wires with number reference?

eletrical wire has 3 specif colour coding. As live wire ,neutral wire,earth wire. - red 2.neutral-black - green. These are the specific color coding of eletrical wire.

Why you get an electric shock if you touch live and neutral wire?

Because there is a potential difference between the live and neutral wires.

What wire color is live neutral and what color is the earth in UK?

the color of the earth is simply blue green and whiteThe above answer is completely incorrect.In common with other European countries, the colour code for UK electrical installations is:line: brownneutral: blueearth (protective conductor): green/yellow stripe (or bare)Prior to the adoption of these colours, they were:line: redneutral: blackearth (protective conductor): green (or bare)

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What are old German wiring colors?

The old German house wiring colours were red for live and black for neutral, there was no earth or ground wire. This was due to the scarcity of copper during, in between and after the world wars, all equipment running 230v was earthed via the neutral wire. Equipment running on a higher voltage was earthed correctly.

Is the ACC ignition of a car live or neutral?

The ignition is live or hot and has power available. The term neutral does not really apply.

What plug socket and voltage does the United Kingdom have?

UK mains voltage is 240 Three pin plugs and sockets pin positions are ................... 1 Earth 2 Neutral ...........................3 Live Looking at the socket

What are the live and neutral wires in a ceiling light?

Black is hot and white is neutral.

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What color is live cable in UK?

For 3 phase, L1 is red; L2 is yellow; L3 is green; Neutral is blue; Earth is yellow&amp;green. For single phase, L is red or brown; Neutral is black or blue; Earth is yellow&amp;green.

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