In German what is the difference between wissen and kennen?

Not all that easy to answer but let`s just say that "kennen" leans more toward recognizing,where "wissen" more points to understanding or awareness. You would use "kennen" to say that you know a person,a place or location, an odour,a feeling or a song. You could recognize it. But you would "know"(wissen) the answer to a riddle or what to do or where something is from,therefor pointing more at an understanding or realization. There are times where they overlap but point to a different meaning. For example: Ich kenne dieses Lied. (I know this song.) That means you recognize and know this song (which does not mean that you know how to sing,play or perform said song!) Ich weiss wie man dieses Lied spielt. (I know how to play this song.) Which hints at a broader understanding or knowledge of the song. "kennen" is also more linked to"Kenntniss" (understanding/realization),where "wissen" is found in words like "Bewusstsein"
(consciousness) or "Weisheit (wisdom).