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the disciples

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When and how did the hatred of the Jewish people begin?

Actually the hatred of the Jewish people started since Jesus was crucified. People blamed the Jews for betraying Jesus and causing him to be put to death. Jesus was a Jew himself.It was not just Hitler. Hatred of Jews started long before Hitler and that is a common misconception. If anything Hitler popularized the hatred of Jews through his campaign and he also caused the Holocaust.Edited by Mr. TigerAdditionallyActually hatred of the Jewish people can be seen far back in ancient Egypt at the time of Moses where the Pharaoh had the Jewish male children killed (Exodus 1) around 1500 B.C. This pattern is again demonstrated in the land of Canaan where the various kingdoms would seek to destroy the people of Israel.

What did Jews of the time of Jesus barter?

What do you mean by 'barter'? Jesus was sold for 30 pieces of silver by Judas to the Jews.

How did the Jews treat gentiles in the time of jesus?

The Jews at the time of Jesus thought they were superior to the gentiles, who were low casts to them. The jews claimed to be the direct children of Abraham. They treated the gentiles badly.

Who were the Gentiles in Jesus' time?

They were the Christians of their time gentiles were the followers of Jesus that we not born Jews

How did Jews see Jesus on the cross?

According to our tradition, the vast majority of the Jews at the time didn't hear of him.See also the Related Link.Why didn't the Jews accept Jesus

What did Jews eat in Jesus' time?


Why sick people were the outcasts in Jesus's time?

They were treated as outcasts because of hatred. Whether caused by ignorance, prejudice, or oppression, hatred was rampant in Jesus' day.

What tensions arose between the early Christians who were nearly all Jewish and Jews?

Most Jews at the time, and for centuries afterward, never heard of Jesus. But for those who did, the Christian narratives quote him as saying things that are not in keeping with Jewish tradition and beliefs. The primary tension between early Christians and Jews was whether or nor Jesus was the Messiah.

Who were outcasts in Jesus' time?

The Jews considered the samaratins as outcast at that time.

How many Jews were alive during the time of Jesus?

About 700,00.

When Jews were blamed for the troubles in Medieval Europe this hatred of the Jews was called?

Today we call it anti-Semitism. At that time, the phrase hadn't yet been coined.

Were Jews sold by other Jews in Moses's time?

Jews did not sell Jews as a practice any more than American gang members sell out other gang members to the cops. (This is not to equate Jews to American gang members, but just to point out that although the practice occurs, it is not common and goes against the underpinning fabric of the organizations.) If this question is implicitly referring to the sale of Joseph to the Ishmaelites or the sale of Jesus to the Romans, these practices were few and far between. They were based on individual prejudice, personal hatred, or monetary reward.

Where were the Jews located in the world in Jesus time?

Jews were mainly located at Judah at that time.

What did the Jews do in there spare in Jesus time?

nothing. they didnt have spare time in those days.

Who was the oppressed of jesus days?

The Jews were oppressed people under the Roman power during the time of Jesus.

What were some disputes between the Jews and Samaritans during Jesus time?

You can get the idea of a main one by the things the Pharisees said about Jesus:Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a devil? (John 8:48)

Why were Jews from Jesus' time not faithful to God's covenant?

Some of them were!

What was the religion in Galilee in Jesus time?

The Jews and judasim was the common religion.

Who was king of the Jews during Jesus's time?

Jesus, the king of all

Are there references to Jesus in Lamentations?

A:The Book of Lamentations is about the condition of the Jews at the time of the Babylonian Exile. It makes no reference to Jesus.

Who killed Jesus a very long time ago?

The Jews did. It's in the Bible!

What was the culture like during the life of Jesus?

The Jews were dominated by Rome at the time.

Do Chrirstian's have the same tendency toward legalism that the Jews of Jesus' time had?


Which Jews spoke Hebrew in the time of Jesus?

A:Hebrew was not a language in everyday use at the time of Jesus, but was used for religious texts and ceremonies. Palestinian Jews, in Galilee and Judea, spoke Aramaic, a West Semitic language very similar to Hebrew. Jews of the diaspora mainly spoke Greek.

Did the Romans like the Jews in Jesus' time?

The Romans had their own gods and customs quite difrent from the Jews, and the Romans had them as slaves.