In KY can you force an adult alcoholic into rehab?

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The short answer is, yes.
The same provisions which allow involuntary commitment of a person with a mental illness disorder are applicable to those with addictions. Google "Casey's Law", to find out the details and gain access to the text of the statute itself
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How many alcoholic rehabs are there?

Every state in the United States has several, if not many alcoholicrehab centers. The numbers vary from month to month. An actualnumber is not available.

Can the husband of an alcoholic sent them to rehab?

In most states, it cannot be done by a family member without a court order. However, in virtually every jurisdiction, a mental health professional or police officer who has ca

Can you buy a firearm if you have to alcohol rehab?

Check with your local law enforcement agency. Local and State laws and regulations vary from place to place. IN GENERAL, if your rehab is voluntary, you will not be precluded.

Is there an alcohol rehab center in Charlotte?

There are many alcohol treatment centers in Charlotte, NC. Hope Haven, New Beginnings and McLeod Center are just a few of the available centers for treatment.

What does it mean by drug and alcohol rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab refers to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. People who trying to quit drinking alcohol or taking drugs sometimes go to a clinic for help in doing so.

What programs are available in alcohol rehab?

There are many programs available in alcohol rehab. Most are based on abstaining from alcohol. They also provide mental, medical and emotional support.

Where are alcohol rehabs available in Boston?

There are several alcohol rehab centres available in the Boston area. They include Seabrook House and The Watershed, but others are available either as private clinics or stat

Where are there rehabs for someone who is addicted to alcohol?

Here in Sacramento, California there are a number of rehabilitation centers that cater to individuals with alcohol addictions. A few examples would be the Gateway Recovery Hou

What is alcohol drug rehab used for?

Alcohol and drug rehab is used to fix the psychological and physical addiction to drugs and alcohol with proper medical care and assistance. It may be voluntary or forced and

What is the purpose of an alcohol rehab clinic?

The purpose of an alcohol rehab clinic is to help those addicted to alcohol overcome that addiction. They have therapy and medication to help people give up alcohol and improv
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What are the advantages of having alcoholism rehab?

There are alot of benefits of having alcohol rehab. Money that otherwise would be spent on alchohol, can now be used for other, more important things. You will overall be more
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Where can Alcoholics go for rehab in Texas?

There are a number of options for those suffering with alcohol dependence is Texas. La Hacienda, which has been operating since 1972, is one such option. Alternatively, genera
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How do you get adult daughter to rehab?

It may be hard to accept, but going into rehab (or AA, orweightloss, or stopping smolking, or conversion to a religion) isan adult's personal choice. Forcing a person into a p
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How long does alcohol rehab take?

Alcohol rehab will take different lengths of time. Many timespeople go for a 6 week stay, but can stay as long as a year insevere cases.