In KY can you force an adult alcoholic into rehab?

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The short answer is, yes.
The same provisions which allow involuntary commitment of a person with a mental illness disorder are applicable to those with addictions. Google "Casey's Law", to find out the details and gain access to the text of the statute itself
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Why do people relapse from drugs and alcohol after going through rehab?

Answer . Because both are highly addictive in some people. It depends on the individual. Some can go through rehab and come out the other end a stronger person and never do drugs or touch another drop of alcohol, but others have an addictive personality and although they really try hard they of ( Full Answer )

If you have a permit and drive with out adult in KY what happens?

Not only in KY, but anywhere in North America if you drive with a"junior" licence (in Canada it's G-1 licence, then comes G-2, andonly then licence G, a full licence) without accompanying by notjust adult, but by an adult with no less then 4 years of drivingexperience, you will be stopped by the roa ( Full Answer )

How many alcoholic rehabs are there?

Every state in the United States has several, if not many alcoholicrehab centers. The numbers vary from month to month. An actualnumber is not available.

Do 5 week alcohol rehabs work?

The success of rehab (or any other program of recovery) depends on the desire of the person. If you want to recover, rehabs and the various support groups are a great help. If you do not want to stop what you are doing, they simply provide experience and some information for the next try (if you liv ( Full Answer )

How many drug and alcohol rehabs are in America?

There are thousands of alcohol and drug rehabs in the United States. However, there is no evidence that going through a rehab program leads to a higher rate of sobriety than not going to a rehab.

Does an alcoholic need to voluntarily go to rehab?

No. Under certain conditions, alcoholics can be required to go into rehab. However, if the rehab uses the 12 steps of AA, no state in the U.S. or any of its agencies or employees (including judges) can legally force anyone into it. Save

Can you force an addict into rehab?

You can't really force an addict into rehab. You have to give themthe choice to go into rehab but if it keeps getting worse Iwouldn't give them the choice I would just put them in rehab, sothat they can get better and not get addicted to whatever they wereaddicted to.

Can the husband of an alcoholic sent them to rehab?

In most states, it cannot be done by a family member without a court order. However, in virtually every jurisdiction, a mental health professional or police officer who has cause to believe that the person is an immediate threat to him/herself or others can commit a person for 72 hours of observatio ( Full Answer )

Can you buy a firearm if you have to alcohol rehab?

Check with your local law enforcement agency. Local and State laws and regulations vary from place to place. IN GENERAL, if your rehab is voluntary, you will not be precluded. If your rehab is court ordered, you may have a problem - that is why you need to check your local laws.

Has Kenny Chesney gone to rehab for alcohol?

I dont know. But the song I been there, thats why Im here..... made it seem like he knew about it. Not passing judgment at all. He may have family or friends that went through it. I work at a chemical dependence Rehab center and if he went through rehab I would love to here inspiring words for my re ( Full Answer )

What side effects do alcohol addicts have during medication or rehab?

It has been claimed that alcoholics have an unexplainable craving for apples and gravy. This has always been after the drug ' Ingrazone ' has been given to the patient/alcoholic. Recently there has been some scientific research into the effects of Ingrazone, and it has been found that it significa ( Full Answer )

Can a you force a drug addict forcefully to rehab?

I'm pretty sure it has to be voluntary or court ordered. Talk to the person and convince them that their quality of life will only get worse if they on the same course. Drug rehab changed my life, been dug free for two years and owe it to Palm Beach Institute in my hometown. Good luck!

What kind of therapy is offered in alcohol rehab?

In alcohol rehab emotional and family therapy is vital to recovery. Before going to rehab you will need to go through medical therapy until you are through with withdraw.

Does alcohol rehab work for most people?

It does work for a number of people including family members of those affected. The person entering the rehab must be aware that they have a problem and are ready to fix it.

Where are Alcohol Rehab Centers in West Palm Beach?

They are usually held at local community centers and any town buildings. They are held at certain days and times of the week. Check with local communities and local programs.

How long does rehab for alcoholism usually take?

Rehabilitation for Alcoholism usually takes 7 to 10 days but continues as long as the patient needs treatment. Every patient is very unique in their time needed.

Where can one find alcohol rehab centers?

Depending upon the location, one's local branch of the Alcoholic's Anonymous program (or a similar program), should be able to provide extensive information on local and regional alcohol rehabilitation centers. If there is no such program such as AA in one's location, then one can contact the Substa ( Full Answer )

Is there an alcohol rehab center in Charlotte?

There are many alcohol treatment centers in Charlotte, NC. Hope Haven, New Beginnings and McLeod Center are just a few of the available centers for treatment.

What does it mean by drug and alcohol rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab refers to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. People who trying to quit drinking alcohol or taking drugs sometimes go to a clinic for help in doing so.

Can you own a gun if you go to rehab for alcohol?

If you entered rehab voluntarily, yes. If committed to rehab,probably not. You may want to check 18 U.S.C. 922(g) for a list of prohibitedcategories. The language of the law refers to "unlawful user of oraddicted to any controlled substance" and "been adjudicated amental defective or who has been co ( Full Answer )

Where can one find an alcoholic rehab in Texas?

Alcohol Rehab centers in Texas often offer a wide variety of treatment options, including detox, dual diagnosis, teenage alcohol rehab, women's alcohol rehab, men's alcohol rehab and even gay alcohol rehab to address the special needs of the LGTB community.

Where can one find recommendations for alcohol rehab facilities?

Recommendations for alcohol rehabilitation facilities in your area would be best obtained from medical professionals familiar with the local services available and knowledgeable about the efficacy of such programs. If the patient is insured, one would also be wise to consult with the insurance provi ( Full Answer )

What programs are available in alcohol rehab?

There are many programs available in alcohol rehab. Most are based on abstaining from alcohol. They also provide mental, medical and emotional support.

Where are alcohol rehabs available in Boston?

There are several alcohol rehab centres available in the Boston area. They include Seabrook House and The Watershed, but others are available either as private clinics or state run facilities.

What types of alcohol rehab programs are offered in California?

A popular rehab clinic in Southern California is MichaelsHouse. The principle in all the rehab clinics is similar, they restrict your access to alcohol at the same time as giving you ways to combat urges to drink for use once you leave.

Where are there rehabs for someone who is addicted to alcohol?

Here in Sacramento, California there are a number of rehabilitation centers that cater to individuals with alcohol addictions. A few examples would be the Gateway Recovery House For Women, Sobriety Brings A Change, River City Recovery Center, and Azure Acres Recovery Center.

What is alcohol drug rehab used for?

Alcohol and drug rehab is used to fix the psychological and physical addiction to drugs and alcohol with proper medical care and assistance. It may be voluntary or forced and there are usually free programs to help those in need.

Does the family need treatment when an alcoholic goes into rehab?

Yes. Alcoholism is a family disease because everyone in the family is affected in some way by the actions of the alcoholic. Children may feel responsible because in their immature minds, they believe if they were better children, the alcoholic would not drink. Spouses may inadvertently promote the d ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of an alcohol rehab clinic?

The purpose of an alcohol rehab clinic is to help those addicted to alcohol overcome that addiction. They have therapy and medication to help people give up alcohol and improve their lives.

What are some options for alcohol rehab treatment?

The best option for alcohol rehab treatment is to seek attention at a rehab facility. Rehab facilities provide physical and emotional support when going through detox and help you learn to treat the addiction.

Where can someone find information about rehab for alcohol?

Information about rehab for alcohol is often available in city or state facilities such as Family Services Centers. Additionally, many hospitals can be contacted for information on alcoholism and rehab for alcohol.

Where can one find information about outpatient alcohol rehab?

There are a number of places where one can find information about outpatient alcohol rehab. One can visit a local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter for information. There may also be government or medical personnel that may have more information, depending on where one may live.

What are the advantages of having alcoholism rehab?

There are alot of benefits of having alcohol rehab. Money that otherwise would be spent on alchohol, can now be used for other, more important things. You will overall be more healthy, and have a smaller chance of getting sick, and you will be more "emotionally stable", as not getting intoxicated wi ( Full Answer )

Are there any alcohol rehab centers located in Maryland?

Yes! About has a relatively comprehensive list of rehab centers that are located in the state of Maryland, as well as Psychology Today. In addition to alcohol rehab centers, there are centers that help to treat other addictions, like drugs and other substances.

Where can someone find free alcohol rehab?

There are many resources online where one may find information related to alcohol rehabilitation, many of which are free. This includes sites such as "alcoholism.about" and "mentalhealthamerica".

Where can Alcoholics go for rehab in Texas?

There are a number of options for those suffering with alcohol dependence is Texas. La Hacienda, which has been operating since 1972, is one such option. Alternatively, general practitioners and family doctors will be able to provide individuals with the best possible advice and put them in contact ( Full Answer )

How do you get adult daughter to rehab?

It may be hard to accept, but going into rehab (or AA, orweightloss, or stopping smolking, or conversion to a religion) isan adult's personal choice. Forcing a person into a program againsttheir will is generally illegal and never works (except as a showof "working" to get out)

How long does alcohol rehab take?

Alcohol rehab will take different lengths of time. Many timespeople go for a 6 week stay, but can stay as long as a year insevere cases.