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The minor would need permission from the court that placed her with the foster parents before she could move into her grandmother's home.


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A minor is placed with foster parents by means of a court order. That being the case the minor would need permission of the court to legally change residences or he or she would likely encounter problems with the state agency that oversees the foster care and welfare of said minor.

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The money is to cover the expenses for the child but it's the foster parents that manage the money.

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Foster parents do not get paid. Foster parents are reimbursed for child expenses. They get a check every month. The amount of money a foster parent receives depends on what agency they are with. Usually it is enough to provide food and clothes and pay utilities. You will often hear foster parents complaining about "How little" they receive.

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If you are a foster child in a foster home it would be up to your foster parents what you call them. They may want you to call them Mr. & Mrs. ___ or maybe by their first names. The people who run the foster home are viewed as the foster parents!

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Foster parents, are people, other than a kid's parents, who give a kid a safe place to live and grow. Foster parents take kids into their homes and take care of them for as long as kids need. Together, they become a foster family.

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