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In Kingdom Hearts whuch characters die?


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in kingdom hearts 3, sora isn't in kingdom hearts partial he kills himself to be reborned to make sure kairi is alive. riku is in the side of the darkness, riku is half of sora and sora is the future leader in organization XIII

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Nomura (the creator) says that death doesn't exsist in the Kingdom Hearts universe, so they mostly fade away.

NO!, and Kingdom Hearts 3 is not a game.

there is a kingdom hearts 3 for the ps3 but we dont kno if riku dies in kingdom hearts 3

No. Riku never dies in Kingdom Hearts II.

I think Kingdom Hearts 2 is better, because you will probably understand what the storyline is, you get forms which allow you to become a bit stronger, enjoy the characters in every world and if you die in any boss battles you may play as Mickey and and choose to hurt the boss or revive Sora!

No, he does not die, meaning that he is not dead. He's even a character in Kingdom Hearts. Very rarely (except for Aerith) are the Final Fantasy characters that show up in Kingdom Hearts dead in the Final Fantasy games. I think that Aerith is the only one who is dead in Final Fantasy, but is alive in Kingdom Hearts.

No he doesn't. If your referring to the first Kingdom Hearts he will get out of the door to darkness. Sorry if I spoiled it.

The only person that knows if Riku will die in the Kingdom Hearts show is the maker. You will just have to wait and see.

No. There are no cheat codes in the kingdom hearts series. You simply have to level and be skilled.

*SPOILER ALERT*Yes, Saix is eliminated by Sora in The World That Never Was, during the events of Kingdom Hearts II.

No he didn't,he will come back if they make kindom hearts 4.

Xehanort, aka Xemnas, dies in kingdom hearts 2 when the player, teamed up with riku, defeats him in the final boss of the game.

No, he lived though the whole game

I think when you die at a boss battle you can be Mickey

NO!! Roxas does not die, he simply merges with Sora because he is a part of Sora.

Well it depends on where you are in the story. At the start when you are Roxas you will change into Sora, or if you die there is a small chance that you play as king mikey. Other than that there is NO switching people.

Xemnas is defeated by Sora and Riku at the end of Kingdom Hearts II.

No because kingdom hearts 3 is related to kingdom hearts birth by sleep but Ventus lost his heart in Ventus's secret ending when Ventus gave Sora his heart, Aqua put Ventus into this dome like where Roxas found Sora in it in kingdom hearts 2. Aqua bilt that to make Ventus heal in Aqua's secret ending.

If you're referring to kingdom hearts Birth By Sleep, then no. This game takes place before sora, kiari, and Riku. There are three different main characters- Ventus (who looks exactly like roxas), Aqua, and Terra. It's more of a prequel to the Original kingdom hearts (2) games because it takes place ten years before and more thoroughly explains things. Also this game is only available for psp

He puts his whole being into an attack to save Sora because his best friend Roxas is Sora's nobody. I bawled my eyes out when he died he is the best person in Kingdom Hearts.

No death scene was played in Kingdom Hearts, so probably no.

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