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In Lord of the Flies what are the similarities and differences between Jack and Simon?

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2010-02-16 21:40:30

Hey this is Kai,

The differences between the boys are that jack is savage, mean,

has leadership qualities, represents dictatorship, he has no regard

for others, he is also arrogant, strategist, careless, destructive,

fixated on hunting, uses fear from the beastie to his advantage, he

is also manipulative.

Ralph is civilized, democratic, mature, authoritive, he cares,

worries, self-concious, weak leader.

They both posses leadership qualities, both want control, and

are both neive........jack uses inscint

gradification.................well your welcome.........bye


I appologize because I've just started reading this book and

don't know much about it.

But I wanted to know the answer to this question myself.

That's a good answer, but the problem is that it didn't answer

the question. What is the difference between Jack and *Simon*. So..

Please update that.

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