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A boy named Wilfred.

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Q: In Lord of the Flies who does Jack have tied to a tree before Roger beats him?
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What does it mean in Lord of the Flies when Jack approached Roger a darker shadow crept beneath Roger's skin?

It seems to mean that Jack's presence was drawing out the evil in Roger.

Which three boys explore the island in Lord of the Flies?

Ralph, Jack and Roger search the island and climb the mountain in their search for "the beast."

What choir boy is next in size to jack in lord of the flies?

I think Roger ...

What effect is jack having on roger?

In "The Lord of Flies", Roger begins to take on Jack's traits and reacts in the ways of his leader. Although he had always had a cordial relationship with Ralph, Jack's hatred of him eventually causes Roger to hate him as well and go along with the plot to kill him.

Who is Wilfred in Lord of the Flies?

Wilfred was the member of Jack's tribe who Jack ordered to be tied up, although Robert was unable to tell Roger what Wilfred's 'offense' had been. He was then left tied up for several hours before being beaten by Jack.

In Lord of the Flies Jack and who else attacks Ralph and Piggy?

Roger and Maurice are the ones that attack Jack and Piggy because Jack wants Piggy's glasses.

What does Wilfred do in the Lord of the Flies?

Nothing but he gets beaten up by Jack for no reason it seems. They don't really go into the reason why Jack beats him up.

In Lord of the Flies in chapter 10 what does Ralph tell Roger that Jack is going to do?

Ralph does not tell Roger anything in chapter 10. Roberttold Roger that Jack was going to beat Wilfred. he told Roger that Jack had ordered Wilfred to be tied up and had then left him tied up for hours, waiting to be beaten.

What is a subplot of Lord of the Flies?

There are a few: -The Beast -The Conch Shell -Jack's Hunter's -Roger's sadism -The fire

Who are he characters in Lord of the Flies?

*Ralph *Jack *Sam & Eric *Roger *Piggy *Simon *Percival *Bill

Who is the character in lord of the flies who most significantly lost innocence?

Either Jack or Roger depending on opinion. Jack becomes the leader of a brutal war tribe who is out to kill Ralph. Roger has fun torturing people.

In Lord of the Flies what effect is Jack having on Roger?

Jack has the effect of allowing Roger the freedom to indulge in his fantasies. Ralph's rules and fairness where a refection of the civilised society that the boys came from and acted as a restraining influence on Roger. Jack's lack of rules and fondness for killing and violence allowed Roger to hurt and even kill people and pigs with no fear of disapproval. Roger felt free to do what ever he wanted.