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Im not sure when the fines is due. Depending on how long the lapse is, determines the fine. 0-10 days = $0 11-30 days = $50.00 and up from there

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2012-05-01 22:48:09
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Q: In Louisiana if there is a lapse in car insurance will there be an extra charge when you renew your vehicle registration?
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Should your car insurance coverage lapse while your registration is still current the DMV may suspend the vehicle registration and charge a reinstatement fee?

two lack seventy three thousand two hundred eighty.

What is you have an accident and realized that your registration had expired what will happen in Massachusetts?

It's not that serious an offense. Typically a charge worded similar to "Failure to DIsplay Current Registration" or something similar to that. Your insurance card was valid...RIGHT? If not, that is another, different charge.

Will you get charged for switching your insurance over from your previous car to your new car?

Most insurance companies do not charge you to switch vehicles, but the rates on the new vehicle will be different based on the year/make/model of the vehicle and what coverages you add to the vehicle.

Do insurers charge more for auto insurance for vehicles with rebuilt titles?

If the vehicle has been declared as a "salvage vehicle", an insurance carrier would only want to provide liability insurance (depends also on your driving record). Anything repair/maintenance you do for that vehicle is almost your own risk. The vehicle has been fully paid for a depreciated by a previous insurance carrier.

Can an insurance company in NJ continue to charge a surcharge for an accident even if insurance points were reduced to 0?

Get proof from the vehicle department and drop it on your broker's desk.

Is it true that insurance companies will charge a higher insurance rate if I purchase a sports car versus a regular vehicle?

Not necessarily. Insurance rates are dependant on your driving record as well as your age, gender and even your credit. Generally speaking, owning an older "family" vehicle will have lower insurance rates.

Is it lawfull for your vehicle insurance to charge you for what they have covered?

Yes, That's how it works. The insurance company sells you coverage in the form of an insurance policy and you pay a premium in exchange for that coverage. If you don't pay for the coverage then your not covered.

What is a mdi adjustment on a car payment?

When you take a loan out on a car, the company that loans you the money requires you to carry insurance to cover the loss of the vehicle in an accident. If you do not provide them with information, or do not carry insurance, they will get insurance for you, and charge you the cost.

What happens if you don't pay your vehicle registration renewal on time?

Well your registration will expire, this might leave you open to a ticket by the police if you keep driving. Some states will charge you a little fine for reinstating but otherwise nothing earth shattering.

Will auto insurance cover a vehicle if an underage driver took it without permission and wrecked it?

If you are willing to charge this driver with auto theft it probably will. If not, the insurance company will assume you are giving him permission after the fact.

If I buy a car in Nevada from a private party do I need to pay sales tax we both live in California?

IN some states yes, the purchaser must pay a sales tax to the vehicle registration office. Call your local vehicle registration office and ask this question in your area. They will gladly tell you the answer, and if they do charge, ask them how they calculate the fee.

Can the loan company for your vehicle charge you for insurance?

Yes. If you are making payments to a car lender, you are generally REQUIRED to insure the vehicle. If at any point they discover that you are NOT insuring the vehicle, they have every right to force coverage as they have a financial interest in that car.

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