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The short answer is yes. The affidavit simply establishes a presumption of paternity. The father has no actual rights (to custody, parenting time, or support) until he files a paternity suit. If he did file a paternity suit, no DNA test will be required, and he will be found to be the father, because he is on the affidavit. Next, the court would issue an Order of Filiation. At that point, the mother would be bound by Michigan's 100 mile rule, and would not be able to more more than 100 miles from the other parent unless given permission by the court. However, in your case, all you have is an affidavit of parentage. You can move out of state without permission of the other parent or the court.

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Q: In Michigan if a child was born out of wedlock but the biological father signed an affidavit of parentage can the mother move out of state without first going through the courts?
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