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This all depends on the facts of loss. With more info I could be of more assistance.

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How does Vehicle camera help you in a car accident?

It records the actual accident. The recorded video can be used as a backup claim or evidence for insurance purposes or in court.

Does your personal auto insurance cover an accident that might occur while driving for business purposes in a sales job?


The Many Purposes of Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance serves many purposes. It protects other people should you cause an accident. Your liability insurance would, in most states, pay for the damages to their property and their medical bills. However, it is also intended to protect you. Collision insurance would pay to repair the damages to your car in an accident. Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you from other events such as vandalism and theft. Finally, insurance is designed to protect your other assets should there be a lawsuit. You should ideally carry levels high enough to protect all of your assets in the event that you are sued after an accident.

Why do NFL teams report injuries?

For betting purposes.

Who is liable if you have an accident while driving a disabled woman in her own vehicle?

It depends on whos fault the accident was, yours or the other driver.AnswerFor financial purposes though, so long as you are a covered driver her auto insurance will cover the damages.

Who is at fault for insurance purposes if the driver you hit has no license and is charged with hit and run for leaving the scene?

If you caused the accident, you owe for the legal liability, the other matters are civil & not involving the liability portion of the insurance. They still have a duty to pay.

How long after an accident or ticket is your premium affected?

It usually affects your next renewal premium. It can vary depending on your state, the citation, and your insurance carrier. Normally speeding tickets stay on your record for three years for insurance rating purposes.

Can the insurance policy substitute for the insurance confirmation card for registration purposes in Germany?


What does a deductible mean if you are in a car accident?

A deductible, or insurance deductible, is an amount of money the first of which the insurance company will not pay towards the cost of the loss suffered. For example, a $500 deductible means that the insurance company will not pay the first $500 of a loss. Deductibles are made for the purposes of keeping the costs of insurance down by making the insured pay a certain amount of money and not make a claim towards minor losses. If the accident is the other person's fault, either their insurance company will pay that deductible or you can sue them in court.

Legal Intervention for Accidents and Injuries?

Accidents and injuries occur on a daily basis. Some of these may require legal intervention such as accidents and injuries that occur in the workplace or at a place of business. Laws for accidents and injuries may vary between states, and limitations on time may differ. Other types of accidents and injuries that may require legal action include car accidents or medical malpractice. When an injury or accident has occurred it is important to record any information about the accident such as when and where it occurred and the names and contact information of any witnesses. If the injury was caused by another person, it is important to gather their information as well if possible. For accidents experienced on business property, claims may be filed with the help of the business management for liability purposes. Car accidents and injuries often require legal intervention. This is done to make insurance claims or to file personal injury claims against the person who caused the accident. When involved in a car accident it is important to not admit fault, and to gather any contact information of any involved parties. This information is then used to make insurance or legal claims. When filing a personal accident or injury claim, it may be beneficial to consult a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers are versed in the procedures and laws for their state and can help those who have experienced an injury or accident to file their claims. This can also be beneficial for those who may experience difficulty in collecting payments or other compensation if the responsible party does not have adequate insurance. If medical care becomes necessary after a car accident, any medical records and paperwork should be kept in case it is necessary to file a legal claim. Medical care may be covered by insurance, or bills may be incorporated into part of the personal injury claim process. If long term injury is anticipated or diagnosed, further legal action may be taken to ensure compensation. This action may be taken to file disability claims or claims through insurance companies for disability coverage. Wrongful or accidental death claims may also be filed by personal injury lawyers after a car accident or injury.

Is there any way in Michigan to get a ticket for running a red light left off of your record for insurance purposes?

Go to court and face the officer that wrote the ticket. If this is an old violation that is already in the system, then you are stuck.

Was Jeff hardys car accident real or fake?

It was storyline purposes only

How long does a car accident stay on your record in san antonio tx?

Our Driving record is permanent. It never just goes away. Fortunately, Insurance companies only look at the past 3 to 5 years of driving records when rating your insurance coverage, so once 5 years has lapsed, for all intents and purposes for insurance it does not show up.

Where can I find information on life insurance premiums?

You can find information of life insurance premiums, and what their purposes are by asking your current insurance company provider for information on it.

When is otoplastic surgery performed for reconstructive purposes?

To repair or reconstruct the auricle after traumatic injuries or cancer surgery.

Is a leased car considered a car with a loan?

For the purposes of insurance, Yes.

Does Tunisia come under Europe for travel insurance purposes?


Is the VA Funding Fee considered Mortgage Insurance for tax purposes?


How far back does Michigan auto insurance go back on your license for a quote?

I'm not sure about Michigan but in most states it's up to the insurance company themselves. In Georgia the State Department of Motor Vehicles makes available 3 and 7 year MVRs. The 7 year MVR is more expensive of course. Most insurance companies use your last 3 years information for rating purposes. A few companies use 5 years for rating but not many.

How long does points stay on your CDL license in the state of Florida?

For insurance purposes, three years. For MVR purposes, seven years.

Are you legally required to include your spouse on the auto insurance policy if you own the car yourself? But, for insurance purposes, yes.

If you get a ticket and points in Arizona will that be recorded against the insurance records in Michigan?

Arizona Speeding Ticket You may want to refer to my other answer regarding out of state speeding tickets. Arizona and Michigan both belong to the driver's license compact. The ticket will be reported to Michigan and treated just as if you had received the speeding ticket in Michigan. You may want to check with the Michigan DMV. I believe they will remove the points if you state that the only reason you were found guilty is that you could not return to Arizona for court. However, the ticket will still stay on your record for insurance purposes. lwpat I don't think Michigan is a member of Drivers License comapct. It is not member of both DLC and NRVC(Non-Resident violaters compact). So , I believe Arizona cannot report your conviction to Michigan. Correct me if I 'm wrong??? You are wrong. AZ does report to Michigan.

Is delayed entry status considered active duty for vehicle insurance purposes?

No, it is not.

Can you rent a car in Florida if you are 20 years of age?

No for insurance purposes you have to be 25

Is a Honda Del Sol classed as a sports car?

For insurance purposes, it would be.