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They can only state whether you worked there and what dates.

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Q: In Michigan what can an employer tell anyone about your previous employment whether it is another employee or perhaps someone looking for a reference?
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What can you do if you expect an old employer will give a negative reference?

Legally your previous employer cannot give a negative feedback to a potential new employer. All they can do is verify employment, dates of employment, and the position held by the employee.

Under what circumstances can an employee sue a former employer as it relates to the provision of a reference?

When the employees believes that the reference provided by the employer was not true and resulted in defamation of the employee

What is an employment contract?

An employment contract defines the terms of employment between an employee and employer. This can be verbal or in writing.

What is the impact of an employment contract on employment-at-will?

An employment contract dictates the conditions of employment, such as salary, vacation, benefits, etc. An "at will" employee serves at the pleasure of the employer, meaning their employment can be terminated at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. The effect of an employment contract on an at-will employee would be to set salary, benefits and so on as long as the employee worked at that employer.

Define employment relationship?

employment relationship is the day to day interactions between an employee and an employer.

Who benefits from employment legislation?

Employment legislation is usually created to protect the employee from abuses of the employer.

Does employer have to notify employee they have been terminated while out on Texas workers comp?

An employer has a duty to inform the employee of an changes to the employment terms. If an employer is out on workers' compensation, and they are terminated, the employer has a duty to communicate that information to the employee and pay that employee any money they have due to them.

How the changes in employee relations impact employment relationship?

The employer-employee relationship is a significant human relationship based on mutual dependency. Changes in employee relations have a great impact on both the employer and the employee. Both the employer and employee have obligations that arise from their relationship.

Why does legislation relating to employment exist?

to protect both the employee and employer

What can employer provide for verification of employment for terminated employee?

As little or as much as the employer wants, as long as there are no falsehoods.

What are the repercussions when an employer discusses an employee's employment status with another employee?

Legally? There are none for the employer. Employee status is not secret or confidential - expect no privacy.

Does an employer who hires an employee through a public employment office pay the employment office a fee?

no cost

What is a trade dispute?

Trade disputes is the recent unsolved problem between employer and employees or between employer and another employer or between employee and employee while the dispute is concerned with employment or non-employment or the working condition at the work place of a person.

How do you obtain sample letters of reference for employee probation?

A person can ask their employer for a letter of reference for another employer. It is best to always be good standing with every employer.

What is employment tax liability?

Employment tax liability arises from an employer and employee relationship. Part of this liability is deducted from the employee's salary and paid to the IRS, while another part is paid by the employer on behalf of an employee.

Can an employer force an employee to have a blood test?

The employer can't force the employee to do anything. The employee can always quit. The employer can require taking a blood test to be able to continue employment meaning they can tell them to take the test or be fired.

Can a employee terminate there employment?

Yes, as they can hand in there two weeks notice to there employer.

Samples of administrative assistant employment contract?

Agreement between employer and the employee

What are the aspects of employment that are covered by law?

The law covers the employment contract between the employer and the employee, including work hours, duration of employment, pay, and benefits. Employment law also covers injuries sustained by an employee on the job.

What do the initials ee and er regarding employment stand for?

EE = Employee ER = Employer

Can an employer take disciplinary action against an employer for moonlighting when the employment contract clearly prohibits this?

yes the employee can take action

Why wouldn't an employer give a reference for an employee searching for a new job?

Initiate a conversation with the employer to discuss any concerns

What are employment relations?

Employment relations refers to the relationship between the employee and employer. This mainly focuses on the communication between management and personnel.

What is an abstract noun for employ?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to employ are employment and the gerund, employing.

How long does employer have to mail final paycheck in Michigan if employee quits?

24 hours