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Assuming that the settlement was in connection with the crime committed if the individual was convicted he or she would have no claim to any monetary recovery that was granted. State law does not allow convicted persons to profit from their illegal acts.


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He was awarded an undisclosed amount in final settlement.

You theoretically can but you probably won't. Punitive damages are rare and require an extreme situation.

The settlement would depend upon the wording of your policy. You must read the policy to figure out what the maximum settlement might be.

The average amount granted in a wrongful death settlement depends on many factors. First, you must consider the state in which the case was filed. Certain states may not put a cap on non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, and mental anguish which the victim's survivors experience. Of the states that do put a cap on non-economic damages, the amount may also vary depending on the type of wrongful death case. For example, Florida limits non-economic damages to 1 million dollars against medical practitioners in wrongful death situations and 1.5 million against non-practitioners. This state and others may also limit the amount of non-economic damages awarded for situations that arose from emergency medical care to $150,000 against practitioners and $750,000 against non-practitioners. Other factors considered in determining settlements in most states for wrongful death cases include: · *Mental pain and suffering of survivors (see above for explanation); · The character of the victim; · Medical and support services from the date of the victim's injury to his or her death; · Funeral expenses; · Lost parental companionship, protection, and nurturing, for any surviving minor children; · Expected earnings of the victim from the time of death to retirement age; and · Loss of employment related benefits (pension, medical coverage, etc.). There are also punitive damages to consider in certain states. Punitive damages are those ordered by the court to punish the party at fault and discourage similar negligent or intentional behavior in the future. This is where you often see rather high settlement amounts as the jury will consider the net-worth of the defendant (though this amount can be reduced by the judge). If you have a wrongful death settlement against a multi-billion dollar corporation, you will generally see a higher settlement figure than against an individual medical practitioner or a small business. As you can see, it is impossible to give an average amount for a wrongful death settlement without knowing at least the state the case is in and the situation that led to the wrongful death. Additionally, the condition in many settlements is confidentiality and these figures are never made public.

See the following Web site for a complete answer:

The settlement would pass to that person specified as the beneficiary of the settlement in the Will by the testator. If the settlement was not specifically mentioned it would pass to the heirs under the residuary clause of the Will. The residuary clause devises any property that was not specifically devised in the Will. If there is no residuary clause in the Will then that settlement would pass according to the laws of intestacy in the jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, because most accident insurance settlements are kept confidential, it is impossible to know the largest settlement amount awarded in history. Settlement amounts typically vary by how much insurance one has on their vehicle, and the amount of damage done to the car and passengers.

There are two ways one can get a workmans comp settlement. It can either be awarded through a panel which has reviewed the case and found one to be eligible for it. If that has not happened, one will have to hire an attorney and fight it to prove that one deserves to be on it and has the the eligibility requirements.

It depends on the attorney. Usually, auto accident attorney's will wait until a settlement is awarded and take a percentage of that award as fees.

The 2 words, 'was awarded' is not a sentence, it is a fragment.Who was awarded what? The professor was awarded a grant. The boy was awarded a sports trophy.

Just awarded, as in "she was awarded a prize." But with rewarded we use with, as in "He was rewarded with a slap in the face.

Yes. Child support will be awarded to the custodial parent if the couple are the biological parents of the child.

I live in Oregon, and in 2006 I bulged L4/L5 and Ruptured L5/S1 had to have a laminectomy/discectomy and was awarded 17% disability rating, 20lb weight lifting limit, and was awarded about $ 48,000 tax free money from the state.

Your question implies that your association and its board pursued a cause of action -- whether through negotiation, mediation or a court of law -- and was awarded a cash settlement. Realistically, based on the cause of action, the monies awarded were awarded based on a series of claims that included evidence. The monies, therefore, are best applied to cure the basis for the claims. Any excess funds can be disposed of based on the best advice given to the board. If you believe that you are being denied funds due you as an owner in this process, your best advisor will be your association-savvy attorney.

Awarded in polop in the Davis Cup Award, and in tennis is awarded in the international matches award for the winner. Or so is how it seems to me to be awarded.

A workers comp settlement usually covers the cost and expenses of medical care for ONLY the awarded injury. It does not address, or augment with supplemental income, any time that must be used to treat the condition.

Yes, awarded is a verb.

You need to talk to an attorney (solicitor) about this, the details in the divorce settlement are what matter.

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That depends on why guardianship was awarded to the grandparents.That depends on why guardianship was awarded to the grandparents.That depends on why guardianship was awarded to the grandparents.That depends on why guardianship was awarded to the grandparents.

There are a variety of hearings that will occur prior to a trial, including the settlement conference and status conference. If no summary judgment is awarded, and you cannot settle with the plaintiff, the case will eventually proceed to a trial.

A divorcee can collect her ex husbands retirement pay following his death if it has been awarded during the divorce settlement. It is not automatic and relies on a number of factors.

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