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It depends upon the circumstances of the physical encounter. If the minor initiated the fight then the young adult would simply be defending themselves. Missouri as most US states can charge and prosecute a 17-year-old as an adult if the situation warrants.

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What is the definition of international conflict?

That is a physical altercation between troops of two countries that could turn into a war.

Can a child sue a parents homeowners insurance over a physical altercation?

As a minor you can not sue anyone, you need your parents to do so. And if you get abused at home you can call the Child Protective service or the police. If the physical altercation cause such damage you need surgery etc it would go on the health insurance your parents have and that you are on.

What are the physical regions in Missouri?

Missouri missouri, such a summery state, it's worse than Utah

What is a human and physical characteristic of St Louis Missouri?

Missouri river.

What are some physical characteristic of Missouri?

there is the elk river in Missouri i hope this will be helpful to you.

What are the 3 major physical features of Missouri?

The 3 MAJOR physical things in Missouri areLake of the OzarksSix FlagsCity Museum

What are the geographic features of Missouri?

the physical features of Missouri is the Ozark Plateau. it is the largest part of the state.

What are the statute of limitations for physical assault in Missouri?

The statue of limitations in the state of Missouri for a physical assault is 1 to 3 years depending on if the assault is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony. If the physical attack results in no physical injury it could be classified as a misdemeanor.

How do you fight simple assault charges?

By being able to show that it was not you who committed the assault, or that if you WERE involved in a physical altercation, that you did not initiate it and were only responding with self-defense.

Why was Thomas Gibson fired from Criminal Minds?

Thomas Gibson was in a physical altercation with a co-executive producer and writer on the set for Criminal Minds. During the altercation, he kicked the writer. This is after a previous incident that he was required to attend anger management classes for. He was initially suspended for two episodes for this incident, but it was later announced that he was fired.

What are three physical features help make Missouri a major tourist state?

The Ozark Plateau, the central lowlands, and the rivers ( Missouri and Mississippi)

How do you say to battle in spanish?

Translation: luchar OR pelear. Typically, luchar is used more for a physical altercation and pelear is used more for an ideological conflict, but the terms are more-or-less interchangeable.

What are some physical and human characteristics of St. Louis Missouri?


If a parent makes a child bleed can the child hit the parent?

The child should try to contact the police or a responsible adult who may be able to help. A physical altercation will not solve any problems.

Name three physical features that help make Missouri a major tourist state?

The river

What are the two major physical features of North America?

The Rocky mountains & the Mississippi Missouri river system

My wife got into a physical altercation at court with her ex boyfriend her daughter ends up getting her arm torn out of place and i get charged with disordely conduct what do you think?

I mean no offense, but you did ask. I think there are several out-of-control people in your family.

What can happen to a person who plays music loud late at night and disturbs the neighbor?

Many things including but not limited to being told to turn it down, to being yelled at, to having the police called, to getting into a physical altercation, to nothing.

Climate and physical features of Missouri?

Highest TemperatureThe highest temperature recorded in Missouri is 118°, Fahrenheit. This record high was recorded on July 15, 1936 at Clinton, on July 18, 1936 at Lamar, and on July 14, 1954 at Warsaw and Union.Lowest TemperatureThe lowest temperature in Missouri, -40°, was recorded on February 13, 1905 at Warsaw.Average TemperatureMonthly average temperatures range from a high of 90.5 degrees to a low of 19.4 degrees.ClimateAverage yearly precipitation for Missouri, from 1971 to 2000, is shown on this chart from Oregon State University.MissouriPhysical FeaturesArchesFallsFlatsForestsGapsGutsIslandsLakesPillarsPlainsRangesRapidsRidgesSlopesSpringsStreamsSummitsSwampsValleysWoods

Did Demi Lovato ever hurt someone?

The fight with a female backup dancer that ultimately sent Demi Lovato to rehab has been described by a source as a "short, physical altercation" that was "one-sided." But Demi Lovato has never really punch someone before.

Who's Courtney Beard?

Courtney Beard sustained wounds after a "physical altercation" B4 she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. She had been injured & was suffering from hypothermia from walking for several hours in the snow to reach a remote hunting cabin. She was flown by helicopter to Otsego Memorial Hospital. : )

Is Boyz II Men Michael mccary dead?

No he is not dead. According to a Biography of the group shown on BET; Michael McCary and Shawn had a physical altercation after Michael did not show to do a concert in Romania. The group announced on their official website on January 10th of 2010 that Michael McCary is no longer a member.

Is Jamie Gould FINE?

Jamie Gould is a professional poker player from Kansas City, Missouri. The attractiveness of his physical characteristics is a matter of personal opinion.

What is Missouri law and moving with children out of the country if I have full legal and full physical custody?

If he has visitation and pay child support you need his and the courts consent.

Can a 16-year-old date a 21-year-old in Missouri?

Dating is not restricted by any sort of legislation. To go further than just 'dating' and into a physical relationship is subject to laws. In Missouri the age of consent is 16.

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