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Every state allows pretrial discovery in lawsuits. You can pose questions about the allegations of the lawsuit, demand production of documents and tax depositions of witnesses. The exact procedures and forms vary by state.

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Q: In NJ can you ask the attorney representing the creditor who is suing you to show you proof that it is your debt?
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Can you negotiate a payment plan with the lawyer that represents the creditor that is suing you before you send your answer to the courthouse to keep the case out of court and to avoid a judgment?

If the creditor and the attorney are amenable to the deal, then absolutely. Their objective is to get paid, so they will usually take the path of least resistance in getting the money owed them. Just make sure that this is actually an attorney representing the creditor, not a collection agency acting on its own behalf (they often have attorneys, too). That changes things significantly.

You are going through a divorce and your husband has transferred the business to his dad. He is suing you for for a phone bill. What can you do?

You should contact the attorney who is representing you in the divorce who can review the details and explain your options.

What kind of attorney do you search for suing police for wrongfull arrest?

An attorney who specializes in Civil Litigation.

Is it possible to sue a hair salon?

yes! if u have proof of what your suing them for

Are you entitled to damages if a lawyer suing you sent your financial information to another unassociated party?


What are Pennsylvania laws of filing a lien on property for medical bills?

Generally the creditor must obtain a judgment by suing the debtor. If successful the creditor must request a judgment lien. The judgment lien can then be recorded.

Can you sue a spouse for false allegations of domestic violence in court?

You can sue an ex-spouse for making false allegations, to sue someone you are still married to would in essence mean you were suing yourself, which is not viable.Yes, If you a separated and have proof of the separation.Call an Attorney.

Why do scientists prefer not to use the word proof?

Because they like to be right, and a lot of the time they don't have proof. It can cause lawsuits and suing if they get something wrong and they admit it

What if you are blackmailed by the person you are suing their car insurance?

Extortion is illegal an should be reported to the District Attorney or Police in your area.

In Texas what happens if your spouse refuses to give you an address so he can be served with divorce papers?

Ask your attorney about suing your husband for divorce "in absentia).

What steps can you take to sue an State Trooper in MA?

Are you planning on suing the Trooper as an individual, or as a member of the State Police who was carrying out his duties? Do you plan on suing the entire State Police Dept. or perhaps the state government? Hire an attorney and discuss the situation with them.

Can a drug attorney help settle differences in court?

I am not sure what a drug attorney means. A criminal lawyer can represent a drug dealer, a drug company or someone suing a drug company. They can settle differences in court.

Can a condo board be sued for closing the swimming pool to save money?

The problem with suing the board is this: you are essentially suing yourself. Collect all the documentation sent to you by the association regarding the pool closing, and sit down with a common interest community-savvy attorney, to better understand your options.

Can debt collection agencies sue in North Carolina?

This is a misnomer. When an account is sent to debt collections, the collection agency does not typically own it. They are simply acting on the part of the lender or creditor. When judgment is sought on a bad debt, it is the lender who is suing. They are perhaps doing so through the collection agency and the lawyer they have under contract, but it is not the collection agency who is suing.

Your wife has a friend suing her for an unpaid bill but she has proof that she provided daycare for this woman's child can you counter sue for these expenses?

I'm not an attorney, but I think it would have to do with the arrangements that were made when the day care was provided. If it was understood that payment was expected, then she can expect payment. She'll have a hard time demanding payment now for services that were understood to be free of charge when offered.

Spell sue If your suing someone?

Spell you're if you're suing someone.

How do you spell sued if your suing someone?

The verb is to sue, with the forms sued and suing.

When was Suing the Devil created?

Suing the Devil was created on 2011-08-26.

If a property dispute suit is filed does said property need to be kept in order to have a case?

It depends on what you are suing for in the lawsuit. If you are suing for adverse possession, for example, your lawsuit would be considered moot after you sold the property (unless the court substituted the new owner as plaintiff). But if you were suing for damage to the property, your state's laws would most likely allow the lawsuit to continue. A real estate attorney in your area can look at your lawsuit and tell you whether or not you still have a case.

How do you find out who is suing you for child support?

If someone is suing you for any reason, the court will send notice to you.

What is the procedure if a pay day loan company says there suing you for fraud theft by deception do to loan over Internet when you did pay it back?

First if you have any proof of sending the money like a receipt show it to the court or the company first anyway if they continue to sue you will win with the proof.

Can someone suing you look into your bank account?

Not if the lawsuit is still going on, unless the lawsuit directly involves activity in that account. But until a creditor gets a judgment, it has no right to look at what you own for the simple reason that it has not yet proved that you owe anything.

What is plaintiffs bar?

n. the attorney who represents a plaintiff (the suing party) in a lawsuit. In lawyer parlance a "plaintiff's attorney" refers to a lawyer who regularly represents persons who are suing for damages, while a lawyer who is regularly chosen by an insurance company to represent its insureds is called a "defense attorney." The call to the bar (rarely, call to bar) is a legal term of art in most common law jurisdictions where persons must be qualified to be allowed to argue in court on behalf of another party and are then said to have been "called to the bar" or to have received a "call to the bar." "The bar" is now used as a collective

You were in an accident 2 years ago and the other person is suing is she suing you or the insurance company?

She is suing you and you must notify your insurance company of the lawsuit. They will pay, make an offer to settle or defend you.

What is a Prosecution Witness?

A prosecution witness is someone who will provide evidence for the prosecutions case. If i was representing a client who was shot by his friend and witness by another friend I, as the lawyer (prosecutor), would be representing my client (the victim, or plaintiff), and suing the defendant (the shooter) and calling the witness to testify on behalf of my client (the victim) proving the fact that the defendant shot my client (the plaintiff).