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You get a camera by finding the gold nugget (on a palm tree at Kaya Forests) and using it to buy a camera at Nabooti. Then go to the Safari and take animal photos for Big Zeke.

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Where is the first animal to taje a picetuer of in poptropica?

The first animals to take pictures of are on the island of Nabooti in Poptropica. A person will be required to take pictures of zebras, elephants, and birds during this safari.

Where do you take pictures on nabooti island?

Animal pictures are taken at the SAFARI on Nabooti Island. (see related questions)

Where is the bird when you take pictures at nabooti island on poptropica?

The bird is in one of the last treesand he flies up and keep an eye out for him.

Where is the lion when you take the pictures on nabooti on poptropica?

At the left bottom near the bushes

On nabooti island what do you call to get a yellow helmet in poptropica?

you dont call, you have to take pictures of animals at the former worker zoo then he gives you his old helmet

What do you do after you take the photos of the 7 animals on poptropica nabooti island?

go to the mines

What do you do with the camera in nabooti island?

you use it to take pictures of animals at the safari

Why can't you find the gazelle on Poptropica on Nabooti Island when taking pictures?

The gazelle is just below the elephant at far right. (May take awhile to show up.)

How do you take the yellow and orange gems out the totem poll on Nabooti Island on Poptropica?

You don't

How do you get the animals over in nabooti island in poptropica?

Take the chicken thereTake the feed there and take chicken backTake the fox thereTake the chicken there

What do you do after the quicksand stops moving in poptropica nabooti island?

you see a zombie and you take the blue gem from its hands.

How do you take your top off in Poptropica?

Everybody wears underwear on Poptropica, all the time. Girls copying the outfits on Nabooti Island will see the result.

In poptropica what are the animals you have to take pictures of in nabooti island?

1. Zebra 2. Lion 3. Alligator 4. Elephant 5. Giraffe 6. Bird 7. Mountain Goat Hope I helped

How do you get the hard hat in nabooti island?

Go to the safari guy he will ask you "to take the pictures" of animals and after you do if the pictures were right he will give you the hard hat.

What are the 7 animals that you need to take pictures of at nabooti island?

the animals you take a picture of at nabooti island are: 1. lion 2.zebra 3.girraffe 4.crocodile 5.elk 6.elephant 7.bird

Is Nabooti Island from Poptropica real?

There is no real location named "Nabooti" in Africa. All of the other locations on the map are actual places, or activities that take place near the marked spots.

Where is the seventh animal on Nabooti Island for Big Zeke?

There isn't a seventh animal you just take two pictures of one animal.

Who is Big Zeke on Nabooti island?

Big Zeke operates the Safari on Nabooti Island. To help him, you will take pictures of 7 animals that are on the game preserve. You will need a camera, and you have to take 7 good pictures of the animals to complete the safari. As a reward, Zeke will give you his old hardhat (which you will need at the Diamond Mine). (see related question)

How do you find the camera so you can take pictures of the animals on Nabooti Island?

Get the gold nugget from the palm tree above the second hut at the Kaya Forests. Swap it at Nabooti for a camera to use on the Safari.

What do you do when the girl asks how to transp her ortanimals in nabooti island in poptropica?

you first take the chicken over. Then take the feed but take the chicken back. Then take the dog over. Now take the chicken over.

How do you take pictures on poptrpica?

I've played on poptropica b 4......I never knew you could take pictures.....I don't think you can.....I guess it depends on what island you're on.

After you move the big turtle in poptropica in nabooti island what do you do?

jump on the house then jump on the palm tree and threre will be a gold nugget.go back to nabooti island and talk to the guy at the end of the stands and trade him the gold nugget for a camra and then go to safari and take a safari with zeak.

How do you get the gem on the safari on Nabooti Island?

There is no gem, Nabooti jewel, at the Safari.Take seven pictures for Zeke (the seven animals may take awhile to show themselves). Zeke will give you a miner's hardhat, which will let you enter the Diamond Mines.

Where do you play the fox chicken and feed game?

Poptropica has this game on the Nabooti Island.For the answer:Take the chicken over.Take the fox over.Take the chicken back over.Take the grain over.Take the chicken over.

What do you do with the golden nugget in nabooti island?

you take it back to Nabooti and go to the merchants and trade it for a camera.