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Not legally. The law does not recognize emotional abuse as being grounds for a minor to be removed from parental custody unless such abuse has been documented by the state social service agency which has jurisdiction and is deemed to be a serious detriment to the minor's well-being. Minors who believe themselves to be in an abusive environment can call the National Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline, toll free, 24/7 at 1-800-422-4453 or 1-800-252-2873 for assistance.

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Why are children physical and emotional abused?

Children are physically and emotionally abused for a variety of reasons. They can be abused by parents or guardians. They can be abused by children at school, they can even be abused by the teacher. All of the following reasons come down to someone not being able to control their anger in a productive manner.

Is there a test to take if your parents verbally abused you?

If you have to ask... Then you are probably being abused verbally.

Why are children being abused these days?

Their parents no nothing of caring for children.Their parents only wanted kids for the publicity.Their parents don't care.

When can children be removed indefinitely from parents?

When they are seriously at risk of harm or being harmed or abused.

Can a minor move out of their parents house if they are being emotionally and mentally abused?

AnswerIf you are a minor you cannot leave home without parental consent, emancipation, or court approval.What exactly are your parents doing that you consider mental and emotional abuse?everytime i get into trouble my dad hits me and throws me against objects.

What happens to an animal when it is being abused?

it might get mental or emotional issues. It also might be emotionally stressed and run away or attack you.

How should you help your bother who is being abused by your grandfather?

ask your parents this question. if you have no parents then talk to your grandfather about it. tell him that it isn't right.

What can a ten year old do if they're being physically abused by their parents?

You should call the police.

Is it illegal to cause emotional abuse?

Not on a general basis, but if one partner wants to get a divorce from the other they can use 'emotional abuse' as a way to get that divorce. If one is emotionally abused, it is just as bad as being physically abused (you just can't see the scars) and the victim should leave their abuser.

What emotional problems might be triggered by the divorce of parents or being the victim of a crime?


What should you do if you are being abused?

If you are being abused you need to tell someone!

What do you do when your being abused on social networking sites?

get off the site and talk to your parents and never go on that site again.

Can you move out of your parents' house at age 15 in Canada?

No, you can not. Your parents with have to report you to the police. You have to wait till you are 16 unless you are in immediate danger or being abused.

What does abused mean?

When someone is being hit for no reason, touched without permission, and harmed in many ways this is called Physical, Sexual, and emotional abuse, or harassment

List adult behavior patterns as a result of being abused as a child?

Sadism, emotional masochism, narcisism, depression. In other words, join the club! :D

Do disabled children understand they are being abused?

No disabled children do not understand that they are being abused.

Who can you talk to about being sexually abused?

If you are in school you can talk to the school counselor; talk to a Pastor or Priest; a relative or a friend's parents.

Are working parents responsible for the lonely feeling in children?

Parents are fully responsible for their minor childrens health, and that includes their emotional well being as well.

How many kids in the world are being abused?

there is an estimated that over 300,000 kids are being abused every year. And over 1530 kids die from being abused.

Will you be in trouble with the law for lying about being abused?

Yes, you can get into trouble for lying about being abused. It is important for you to realize that when you lie about being abused this can ruin one of your parents reputations; someone else's reputation and the stigmatism (label) can stay with them for life even though they were found innocent by the police or a court of law. It is far better for you to be honest with the police about it. You will not go to jail for what you did.

Your friend was abused what should you do?

if your friend is being abused you should try telling your parents about it. hopefully they will be able to help. before you tell your parents make sure your friend knows first. im not sure if this will work but talk to your friend and think of something to do to stop the abuse.

What conditions might cause a child to be placed in foster care?

If the child is being abused or parents die for example. Also if a child is being put up for adoption they can stay in foster care until they have found parents.

How can you be adopted if your parents don't want you to?

If you are being abused or neglected, you can tell a teacher or doctor and they will get help for you. Otherwise you will have to wait until you are 18.

Did Miley Cyrus ever got hit hard by her perants?

Miley Cyrus have not released any information about being abused by her parents.

Colonists believed that their rights as Englishmen were being abused by the Bill of Rights?

The did believe that there rights were being abused

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