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In New York if you default on a car loan how many months is it before they can repossess your car?


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1(ONE) DAY, not months.Read your contract.


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It depends how are you in default.... is it because of insurance coverage??Need a little more info here to give you a better answer.

As soon as you have defaulted on the loan, a creditor can repossess your car. So 24 hours after you have failed to pay, they can repossess your vehicle without notifying you.

New York state repossession law state that creditors can repossess goods in default without going to court. If repossessing the goods is not feasible, the creditor can make the goods unusable instead. In addition, creditors do not have to give notice before repossessing secured goods. The only limitations creditors have on repossession are that they can't cause a disturbance, and they must proceed reasonably.

You need to contact your Attorney General about this one. You will get the correct answer based on NY law. Read your contract it should state if there is any "linkage" between the loans.

Read the contract you signed. it likely states that when in DEFAULT, the lender can repo the collateral. Default is when you dont pay a payment as agreed or any other condition of the contract. No rocket science here.

It is one year. huffanpuff says 6 months if you don't contest it.

Should you default or become delinquent on any credit line/loan, the lender has the right to repossess your assets, regardless of whether it is your first home or fifth home. This can vary from lender to lender, and can only be confirmed in the agreement you signed with your lender. In general, yes, they can; contact your specific lender for confirmation.

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