In Nintendogs you have a shetland sheepdog does anyone have any ideas on what you should call it?

The first thing you should know is that for short they are called Shelties. So if you wan a good name think around the line of Shelly, Sheldon etc. But there are of course the old Buster, Millie, Rex, Max, Sam, Jake etc. Also you could try one of them baby naming sites. In my Nintendogs game I have one named Lucky and Buddy. I also have a real Shetland Sheepdog and we named him Biscuit.

you can name him other languaged names like you want to name your dog leaf (witch is actually a good name) and in Russian it would be listik. if you want to name your dog lucky but its too common you can just name him Koun, i have a jack Russel named Zahk, a shetland sheep dog named Fern and a shiba inu named Hachi (Hachi man seven in Chinese or Japanese *forgot* and also y'know how you can change the dogs by tapping shibas then go back and then tap it again and they appear differently well yeah this was my seventh i tapped.) here are some good names too, Satsuji, Mitsy, Sue (or mitsy-sue), Ivy, lord, royal, mist, ashy, dingo, makaila, kik, gigi.. check out some good dog name sites or some good boy\girl naming sites.