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No - just the loan. BUT! The seller may repossess and sell the damaged car for $500.00 to apply to the loan rather than maybe $2000.00. So it's about the same anyway. You lose.

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Q: In North Carolina if you have cosigned for an auto loan and the loan is in default and the auto is damaged is the cosigner responsible for the damage?
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Is a husband liable for a student loan for his stepson if his wife cosigned for the loan and it has not been repaid?

No. In community property states spouses are sometimes responsible for debts incurred by the other spouse even if the debt is not joint. However, such marital debt laws would not apply in the situation cited. The husband would not be responsible for repayment in case of default nor would his credit be damaged with the exception of possible problems when applying for joint credit with the cosigner wife.

Can a cosigner let a lender foreclose on a house instead of making payments when the primary borrower has defaulted?

Yes, but the cosigner will still be legally responsible for any outstanding fees, penalties, deficiencies and so forth that may occur due to the foreclosure. The cosigner's credit will also be significantly damaged by the foreclosure and any other action by the lender.

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If you filed for bankruptcy would the cosigner of your auto loan be forced to take over payment?

The answer is that the cosigner would be left responsible for taking over the payments. If the cosigner wants to maintain his or her credit rating (which is probably damaged due to your filing bankruptcy), If the consignor does not want the auto loan people to sue for any remaining balance, then he or she will need to keep making the payments. If the auto loan company sues for any remaining balance and gets a judgment, then the auto loan company will go after the assets of the consignor and or garish their earnings. attempt o seize their assets or garnish their earnings.

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