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No. But is the person is self-supporting and has a suitable place to live he or she could probably move out of the parental home without legal consequences as long as the parents did not take action to prevent such a move.

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Are you emancipated if you graduate high school at 17?

Not automatically, no.

When you graduate high school are you automatically emancipated in ct?

You are emancipate when you turn eighteen. Then you are an adult.

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Are you emancipated when you graduate from high school?

If you have reached the legal age of majority which is 18 in all US states but Nebraska where the age is 19.

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When a 16 year old does the other parent still have to pay child support in Iowa?

Unless the minor is emancipated by the court or through marriage you have to pay until they are emancipated, usually at 18, but in some states until 21 and they graduate.

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Could a 17-year-old high school graduate be emancipated and leave her parents?

Yes, this is possible. However, it depends on the situation.

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If you graduate High School your junior year and have a stable job are you eligible to be emancipated in Colorado?

Yes, as long as you are 16 years old, have your parents consent, and are able to prove that you can be independent.Colorado Code 19-1-103; "Emancipated juvenile", section 19-2-511

How can an 18 year old get emancipated from parents even though they are in high school?

You dont have to get emancipated you are legal, but do the smart thing stay in school until you graduate, don't let the freedom get to you.Some people are very tempted to stop participating in school when they can do what they want and GOOD LUCK!!