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Q: In Oklahoma does a sole proprietor have to carry workmans comp if he is the only employee of his small home repair company?
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Do you need workmans comp as sole proprietor in ma?

By law, it's optional for sole proprietors. Reality can be different though. In the construction trades most general contractors will require any subs who are sole proprietors to have workmans comp. This is what their insurance companies require. If a sub doesn't have workmans comp the insurance company adds their wages to the gc's bill.

When an employee falls in the parking lot coming into work is it workmans comp?

Yes it is a workmans comp if he was scheduled to come in or he had an appointment. Massachusetts Yes it is a workmans comp if he was scheduled to come in or he had an appointment. Massachusetts Answer #2 You better check with workman's comp. I know of a case where a fellow employee fell in the bathroom at work and was denied payments because it was not considered "work related". In this particular case, the company turned it in as workman's comp but it was refused.

Can you use proprietor in a sentence?

Yes For eg I met the proprietor of a local restaurant The proprietor of XYZ company has passed a personal law.

If you have a workmans comp claim and settle out of court is the workmans comp company required to cover the same injury for the rest of your life if you hurt that area again will workmans comp pay?

i lost a finger in 1983 do i get money for that

When a company has a parent company does the employee work for the parent company?

The employee works for the daughter company.

Who became the proprietor of new netherland?

The proprietor of New Netherlands was the Dutch West India Company in 1624.

Can company paid health insurance be dropped on a employee under workmans comp?

You shouldn't be treated differently from any other employee as respects healthcare. Contact an attorney in your area to learn about your rights if you feel your coverage was cancelled without proper notice or if you have been treated differently from other employees.

What do you call a person who establishes a company?

Sole Proprietor.

Does an owner of a company need to have workmans comp insurance if they have one employee who is a brother-in-law?

No. Source Page 13 For more info. on Worker's Comp see

When do the company issues the payment for workmans comp?

That will depend on the accounting practices of individual companies. You need to ask the company itself.

If a company gives an employee a laptop is the company notified what the employee searches?

It depends on the company. lil K!

Does your insurance have to be with a Oklahoma company to tag it in Oklahoma?

Yes, even if you have insurance with a national company.

An employee lost company issued equipment can the company charge th employee?


What do you think you can contribute to the progress of our Company as an employee?

. What do you think you can contribute to the progress of ourCompany as an employee?

In Oklahoma when you have filed a workmans compensation claim with the court how long does your employer have to get back with you?

I don't believe the company is going to contact you. It will probably be thru a mediator directly from the courts. Since there is a disagreement between you both, or you wouldn't be in court, they will have someone mediating on your behalf.

Can you convert proprietor firm into pvt ltd?

Yes you can provided the proprietor of the firm has at least 51% stake in the new private limited company failing which the company would be called NEW or 'SOLD'.

How do you record money taken from a company by the sole proprietor?

ask a bookkeeper ???????!!!!!!!

Can a company be a sole proprietor of a firm?

Yes, it is usually called a wholly owned subsidiary or division of the company.

Is company time or personal time used for doctor appointments on a workmans comp claim?

Personal time

Do Shareholders of S-corp require Workmans comp?

Only if the y are ALSO company employees.

How do you make a transfer letter to get a employee to other company?

how to make a transfer letter to get a employee to other company?

Can an employer give an employee a company vehicle to use and then take it back?

Sure can. It belongs to the company and not the employee.

Is a shareholder an employee of a corporation?

A shareholder can be an employee of a company; although is isn't necessary to be an employee to be a shareholder. Company Board members can vote to designate a certain number of shares to employees as a bonus or company benefit. Or, an employee can purchase shares independently.

How do you start a title insurance company in Oklahoma?

I recently opened a title company in Oklahoma. What kind of information are you looking for?

Who is the proprietor of Swapnabhumi Realtors Ltd Kolkata?

It is besically a limited company, so it should not have any single proprietor. It has a group of people who are generaly called directors.