Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

In Oregon how can your aunt get legal custody of you if you are depressed living at home but your dad won't let you move in with her?

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2006-09-09 00:46:07

She would need to file a guardianship petition in probate court

in the county where the minor lives. An investigation would be done

of both the father and the aunt's home by the state's department of

family services. The investigating social worker would interview

family members, neighbors, teachers, etc. If the investigation

found the minor child was being neglected and/or abused the case

would be referred to the court for further action. That could mean

the minor and the custodial parent would be required to attend

counseling sessions; or the aunt would be awarded temporary or

permanent guardianship; or the minor would be made a ward of the

state and placed in a group or foster home, another relative's home

or whatever the court believed to be the most appropriate.

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