In Oregon how long does a landlord have to fix household mold before you can sue?

Well the first part of this should be: 1. was there a walk thru when you signed the rental agreement, & was any mildew or mold noted? 2. if not then the mildew/mold may be from one of two sources.. such as a leak like a pipe the tenant has no control over or moisture caused by the tenant/s actions or inaction.. such as humidity from showers not being vented properly thru a fan or window.. drapes closed over cold window, so that there is no air flow.. thus causing condensation. on the window frames... In either case, the tenant needs to contact the landlord at once!! by phone and as required in the Satute in writing... interestingly this is not address in 90.320 as a habitablity issue.. and just this year a study from the Nat. accadamy of Sciences concluded no link from mold to disease .. Once you notify the Landlord.. they need only respond within 7 days.. for such issues and make a good faith effort to address the concern.. to start with.. A mold test to determine if it is mold, and not mildew is costly.. cleaning first is the usual step..