In Pennsylvania if you get married before you have the baby who has legal rights to the baby my husband or the father?


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the father but that's only if the real dad lets the step dad take custody of the kid. if you dont know who that babii daddy is then your tuff luck

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Depends on your state. In MI, the legal father of the child is the mother's husband. If your child's father is not going to be your husband, do the right thing and let him be involved.

If your husband is not the child's father, it might depending on the situation.If your husband is the child's father, then yes.

you are already married because it is your husband

Yes, she can refuse, but a judge will order the test if she is not married. If she is married, her husband is legally the father.

Your husband has no legal obligation regarding your children unless he legally adopts them.

No, he was her father. Anne was never married.

Only if it is established that you are the father. The law presumes that the husband is the father until/unless proved otherwise.

Claudius married Gertrude in Hamlet. Claudius is the brother of Gertrude's previous husband, Hamlet's father.

The women had to stay at home until they were married. After they we married they had to live with their husband.(Chosen by the father of the women.)

Someone who stole her half sister's husband?

The law presumes your husband to be the father, unless/until paternity is established by an acknowledgment of paternity, genetic testing or testimony in open court.

Whoopi's former husband Alvin Martin, whom she was married to from 1973-1979, is the father of her daughter Alexandrea.

In most cases, your sister's mother is also your mother, and her husband is your father. If you and your baby sister have the same father but different mothers, your sister's mother's father is your father. If you and you sister have the same mother but different fathers, your baby sister's father is your step-father if he is married to your mother.

A moral question not a legal one in most countries.

He is guilty of both being a husband and father.

This depends on the specific polis, but usually a women was married of by her father.

Mrs. Winterbottom was not married before Mr. Winterbottom. She had a son, but she gave him up for adoption. We don't know who the father was, but we do know that he was adopted by Sgt. Bickle.

Where English is spoken, the father of your husband is called your father-in-law.

No. Your father-in-law is the father of your spouse. The mother's husband would be the step-father of her children. Their ages are irrelevant.

This question is a complicated one in that the laws of paternity do not necessarily establish the biological father as the father for child support purposes but rather look to the circumstances surrounding the case. Your husband is what is known as a presumed father, which is essentially a man that was married to the mother when the child was born, legally agreed to be the father of his wife's child (by signing the birth certificate, and has acted and behaved as the child's father. You cannot receive child support from both the presumed father (if he is still your husband) and the biological father (assuming he admits to being the father) and a court would likely determine your husband to be the father for purposes of child support.

depends on which one. certainly one was my father and he was married before he married my mother, i was born in 1947.

They could not vote, any land or property they owned came from their father and was given to their husband when they married.

Nothing. the law recognizes the legal husband as the legal father of the child.

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