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In Pokemon Diamond what are all the Pokemon that dawns sister tells us about?


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This is called the swarm. It's when a bunch of rare Pokemon that normally cannot be obtained in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl suddenly appear at a specific route.

For example, let's say that you fly to Sandgem Town and talk to Dawn/Lucas' sister. She says something like, "What did the news say again...? Oh yeah! Route 216! They said there's a whole bunch of SPOINK there!"

What she means by this is that there is a swarm of Spoink at Route 216. The Swarm Pokemon will change every day, so it is a good idea to keep checking up with her. Sometimes it will be a VERY rare Pokemon.

Hope this helped! :)

Don't wanna be rude but you dindn't answer at all to the guy's (girl) question. I can't tell you all of them but I'll tell you all that I know: spoink, spinda, slakoth, beldum, electrike, phanpy, zigzagoon, dunsparce, magnemite, pidgey, krabby, and many more