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This is called the swarm. It's when a bunch of rare Pokemon that normally cannot be obtained in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl suddenly appear at a specific route.

For example, let's say that you fly to Sandgem Town and talk to Dawn/Lucas' sister. She says something like, "What did the news say again...? Oh yeah! Route 216! They said there's a whole bunch of SPOINK there!"

What she means by this is that there is a swarm of Spoink at Route 216. The Swarm Pokemon will change every day, so it is a good idea to keep checking up with her. Sometimes it will be a VERY rare Pokemon.

Hope this helped! :)

Don't wanna be rude but you dindn't answer at all to the guy's (girl) question. I can't tell you all of them but I'll tell you all that I know: spoink, spinda, slakoth, beldum, electrike, phanpy, zigzagoon, dunsparce, magnemite, pidgey, krabby, and many more

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What Pokemon can you find using the pokeradar in Pokemon Diamond?

the Pokemon that dawns little sister tells you

How do you catch a beldum in Pokemon Pearl?

dawns sister tells u where it is it is in a swarm like Pokemon diamond

Dawns sister said what in Pokemon diamond?

Every day she tells you the location of a swarm of Pokemon that aren't normally obtainable.

How do you get a skitty on Pokemon pearl?

wait till dawns little sister tells you

Where do you get a Tyrogue in Diamond?

You have to speak to dawns sister, she tells you where you have to go, but you dont get tyrouge off the bat.

Where do you get a nosepass?

Go to Dawns sister in sandgem and talk to her. She tells you how to get different pokemon. That is one of them.

In Pokemon pearl which pokemons does Dawns sister tell us about?

Every day Dawn's sister tells you about a group of Pokemon that appeared on a route and will only be there for the day. She tells you about a different Pokemon every day!

How do you get vulpix in Pokemon pearl?

you can't unless lucas or dawns kid sister tells you:) writen by todde88=)

Where do you find electabuzz in Pokemon pearl?

You need to have the national pokedex, talk to Dawns sister a few times (she tells you were Pokemon that you can catch from hoen)

Where do you get krabby in Pokemon platinum?

talk to dawns sister in sandgem, she tells you theres a different group of Pokemon in different locations every day.

Where do you catch drowzee in Pokemon Diamond?

Talk to dawns/ lucas' sister she will tell you that there is an outburst of drowzee on route 210 but if all you want is drowzee save before you talk to her just in case she tells you about a different pokemon hope this helped

How do you get a swinob on Pokemon pearl?

well dawns or lucas' sister tells you what kind of Pokemon is swarming around sinnoh, so keep checking her everyday and if she says swinub go to the where there are swinub] ==

What does it mean to swarm in Pokemon?

to swarm in Pokemon means that there is alot of Pokemon in a certain area like beating the elite four and talking to dawns little sister she tells u where 2 find certain Pokemon u can only get in one area

Where do you catch Zangoose in the Diamond?

go to dawns/lucuses sister in sandgem and talkto this everyday till she tells you where it is or save before you talk to her.if she doesnt say zangoose turn it off and try again. PS this works for any Pokemon in any reigon but sinho.

I want a phanphy but do i have to whait until dawns sister tells you to get one?

no if you want a phanphy you have to ask somone to get you one

Can there be a swarm of treecko that dawn or lucas sister tells you aboutin Pokemon diamond?

JesseTheEternal- No, there is a big list of Pokemon that can appear however. I don't have it currently.

How do you get drowzee on diamond version without completing the game?

Drowzee is a swarm pokemon, he can be found in route 215 on the days that Lucas's sister tells you it is that Pokemon.

Is there there a way to catch lavitar on Pokemon platinum?

yes just beat the game and go to dawns house and tal to her little sister every day until she tells lavitar and what route to find it on

Where can you find absol?

first u need natinal dex. go to dawns house and talk to her sister eventualy she tells you were to get it

What Pokemon does dawn's sister tell you diamond?

After you beat the Elite Four and recieve the National Pokedex, Dawn's sister tells you where a swarm of pokemon are. These are usually Pokemon from different generations of games. However, you can only talk to her once a day.

Is there a person in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl who tells you where shiny Pokemon are?


What do you do you do after the earthquake on Pokemon Diamond?

You go to the lakes he tells you to.

What does mass outbreak mean?

you have to beat the game and go to the little girl in dawns house and she tells you where to go and what Pokemon there is, it switches every day.

How do you catch a beldum?

in diamond or pearl, go to dawn's house in sandgem town and talk to her little sister. she tells you where to catch a lot of rare Pokemon, and she tells you a different Pokemon each day. keep going to her, and one day she'll tell you where to catch beldum

How do you get beldum in Pokemon pearl?

go to dawns house (the house under the lab ) after you beat the elite 4 then talk to her little sister everyday she tells you that a swarm of Pokemon has apeard in a spacific route (shell tell you the name of the Pokemon and the route ) talk to her everyday eventualy itll be beldum (to me it was today 17 march 2009 ) enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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