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It is in cret toon

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Where is the Pokemon lottery corner at Pokemon Diamond?

Jubilife city,in the Jubilife TV building speak to 1 of the girls at the counter

What is the reception counter in Pokemon platinum?

The reception counter I think you're reffering to is located in Jubilife on the very north end, located just west of the route out of the city.

Where is the sutie key on Pokemon diamond?

you just look with your item finder in the back of the reception counter

Pokemon Diamond how do you get via wireless?

Goto Jubilife and go to the Pokemon Center. Then exit the Pokemon center (if you entered) and head left. Go to the big building with no door. Talk to the woman at the counter and select trade. There you go! You are at the G.T.S. (get to sucking).

How do you win the the lotto in Pokemon diamond?

You go to the Jubilife TV station in Jubilife City. Go up to the counter and the woman will let you draw the lotto ticket. Your lotto ticket will have 5 numbers on it. Starting from the right, if the numbers on the lotto ticket match the ID of any of you Pokemon, you win a prize. The key is to trade lots of Pokemon with your friends or by using the GTS. Hope this helps!

In Pokemon diamond game Where is the poketch company in the game?

The Poketech is in the large building (not tall, but wide) in Jubilife City. There is this man standing by the counter. Keep talking to him until he stops giving you Apps. Then, check in Pokemon centers. For example, the lady in Eterna Pokemon Center gives you the Friend Checker app.

Where can you find the Prize Exchange booth at the pokeath dome on Pokemon Heart Gold?

Right of the Reception counter for admissions

Were is the guy in the green suit in Pokemon diamond?

in any pokemart near the counter.

What is the height of a reception counter?


In Pokemon sapphire or ruby What will happen if you lose a battle in battle tower?

nothing you just go back to the reception counter

How do you get a marking map in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to Jubilife City and go to the Poketch building (next to or near the Jubilife TV building). Enter through the door and talk to a man at the counter. He should give you some Poketch apps.

Where is the reception counter in Pokemon pearl?

go to the very north west corner of jubelife city and go through route 218.

What guy do you go up to in the mining museum in Pokemon platinum?

If you want to get a fossil revived then talk to a scientist near the reception counter.

How do you find the key for the hotel room on Pokemon platinum?

Use the Poketch App Finder around the reception counter- the building in front of the beach

How do you get Arceus in pearl and diamond?

you go to the wi-fi building in jubilife city and go to the lady at the counter, you will have to connect to the internet wireless then you go to a room, you can find arceus or you can offer one of your Pokemon to get him. THIS IS THE BEST CHANCE YOU WILL GET ARCEUS IF YOU DONT HAVE ACTION REPLAY OR IF YOU HAVE THE AZURA FLUTE FROM MYSTERY GIFT

How do you get master balls from jubilife city on Pokemon diamond?

You go to the Jubiflife TV station and go to the counter. Then you click the woman and she enters you in the lottery. If one of your pokemons ID number matches it, you get a master ball. The more trading from other games with different ID numbers, the more chance you will get.

In Pokemon diamond where do you get the suite key?

go right in the reception counter past the guy when you leave(you should be in complex area) Right when you get outside turn left face forward up button then push A you should get it (PS. its invisible) Not mine! P.S. it doesn't work

How do you get the tracking pokemon app?

go to jubilife city and then go to the poketch company ask the president found in the left counter until he gave you the tracking device hope this help

How com In Pokemon pearl when you trie to sometimes get into WiFi it says you were dissconnected from the gts returning to the reception counter and how do i fix it?

You are to far away from whoever you were playing with

How do you get all the poketch apps in Pokemon pearl when i did get it i connot find it?

you can find all of the poketch apps in jubilife city but you have to of completed all of the gyms before you can get them all. first you have go to jubilife city. 2 you have to go to the tv room.3 you have to talk to the guy next to the counter.

How do you get 999 rare candies in Pokemon pearl without cheats?

first get alot of BP at the battle tower. then buy alot of rare candies at the reception counter

What is the easiest way to catch Moltres on Pokemon platinum?

Once it comes a lot attack it then catch it or you can use a quick ball if your lucky or a master ball.You can get a master ball at the jubilife city tv station with a lottery ticket.To get a lottery ticket,talk to the lady at the counter at jubilife city.

What level does Wynaut learn new moves at in Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Platinum?

In the games of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Wynaut only learns the moves of Counter, Mirror Coat, Safeguard and Destiny Bond at Level 15.

Pokemon diamond where is the markingmap?

after you beat the elite four, go to verity lakefront (or wherever mesprit is) and talk to it. instead of battle, you will get the image for your pokedex and it will run away. prof rowan will walk in (how in the hell?) and say you need the marking map to find it. he will direct you to the poketch co. in jubilife. talk to the guy near the counter to get the app

How do you trade from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to SoulSilver?

The same way you would when you trade with Pokemon diamond to pearl or platinum. Go in the trading room in diamond (second person at counter on top floor in the Pokecenter) and in soul silver top floor second person in Pokecenter. Hope it helped :)

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