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Luxray can learn strength which will move big boulders. hope i helped!

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The move in Pokémon Diamond that allows you to move boulders that are in the way as you're traveling the Sinnoh region is called Strength. Strength is a Hidden Machine that you can find in the top floor of the Lost Tower.

you get the hidden move (HM) strength

easy you get the hm strength and then you can move all the bolders you need to

This is the asker. This is in the Pokemon Diamond Version. Please post here if you know anything about this. If you do so, I will love you. But not really, so please post here!!

You use Strength to roll the movable boulders.

you can use the hm strength you can smash rocks with rock smash

First, you have to get the HM strength, then teach it to and a Pokemon and you can move boulders.

Your Pokemon are supposed to learn strength and move the boulders to the wholes.

If the boulders are smooth then you need to get one of your Pokemon to learn strength to move it and if the boulder is rough then you need to get your Pokemon to learn rock smash ( both of these moves require HMs to be learnt)

You can't get rid of boulders, you can only move them around and that's only with a Pokemon that knows the HM strength.

You need to learn the move strength. It is a Hidden Move (HM). After you learn it, and teach it to a Pokemon in your party, then you will be able to move the boulders.

Its not a move its a power.and i think zigzagoon knows it.

It is used to move boulders.


To move boulders in Pokemon Gold you need a Pokemon with the HM move Strength. Selecting the Pokemon in the menu outside of battle should let you use it if you have beaten the Olivine City Gym.

you have to get the hm strength

Go to the computer then to Bebe's PC and then Move Pokémon and then pick a Pokemon and click on release.

To obtain the HM strength ( to move aside boulders in Diamond and Pearl ) you get to the end of the Lost Tower which is located below Solaceon Town you will receive from the granny on the left in the top floor,

move the boulders to where the lake Pokemon are

You get the hm strength and give it to one of your pokemon

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