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It goes back to outer space.

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Q: In Pokemon emerald where does riquaza go after you see it at the sky pillar?
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How do you enter sky pillar in Pokemon emerald?

you go to pacifidlog town and head right you,l see an opening go the enter the cave and theres a pillar enter that

Where can you find Rayquaza after it flee from sky pillar in Pokemon emerald?

You go to Sootopolis City. There you will see Groudon and Kyogre fighting, and Rayquaza goes to stop them. Then he goes back to the Sky Pillar.

Where do you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald?

"Where do you catch rayquaza in Pokemon emerald?"You catch rayquaza at Sky Pillar, which is on route 131, near Pacifidlog Town, in Pokemon emerald.In sky pillar in route 131. When you make the top of the sky pillar, you will see rayquaza sleeping. as soon you press A near rayquaza, it 'll wake up and battle you! i caught a rayquaza with a master ball!

Where is the Sky Pillar on Pokemon Emerald version?

The Sky Pillar is amost next to Pacificlog Town just surf up then follow the top rocks then you see a cave go in there then get past the cave then there is this weird house go in there and there is the Sky pillar.

How do you get in the sky pillar in emerald?

the sky pillar is on route 131 and u have to surf up into a cave,go up some steps and through the exit and u will see the sky pillar,home of rayquaza one of the legendary weather pokemon

How do you get deoyxs in Pokemon Emerald?

see me

Can you trade a Pokemon from Pokemon silver to Pokemon emerald?

No, only from emerald to silver, but i dont see why you have to, you have the region already there.

How to see swarming Pokemon in emerald?

there is no way to do that

Where can you see alakazam in Pokemon emerald?


How do you see latios in Pokemon emerald?

in the pokedex

Where can you see meowto in Pokemon emerald?


What is the name of all the Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

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