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To find Mesprit after it runs away Note:Happens after beat Galactic at Lake Valor aslo when you beat the elite four and got the national dex go to canaclave and go to the saliors house talk to the boy and he is having a neverending nightmare from darkrai talk to the sailor and you can go to fullmoon island and talk to cressila and will run of and track it on the marking map like mesprit.

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Q: In Pokemon pearl how do you use the marking poketch app?
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Where can you find the marking poketch app on Pokemon pearl?

Go to Jubilife City and go into the poketch company towards the top left of the town. Talk to the professor. Keep talking to him until he gives you the marking poketch app.

How do you get the marking map on the poketch in Pokemon platinum?

Go and talk to the owner of poketch in poketch company's building he will install the marking map app in your poketch

What routes can you find Cresselia on Pokemon pearl?

You can find it on any route. Just use the poketch app marking map!

The Pokemon tracer app in Pokemon Diamond?

the poketch marking map can be obtained by the poketch president after getting the 5th or 7th badge

What is marking map?

it's a poketch app for tracking wandering pokemon, that you get in jubilife

Where do you you get the marking map app in platinum?

you get the marking app from the poketch company.

Where in Pokemon pearl do you obtain the Pokemon Tracker app for the poketch?

You get the app from the president of the Poketch company in Jubilife City after winning the Veilstone City Gym battle. In Pearl, this app is used for tracking Mesprit and Cresselia

Where do you get Pokemon history poketch app in Pokemon pearl?

A resident in Solaceon town will give it to you.

Where do you get the Friendship Checker Poketch App in Pokemon pearl?

from a woman in eterna city's Pokemon city

Where do you catch articuno in Pokemon platinum?

You can find articuno in the poketch marking app when he's all around

Where do you see the time in Pokemon pearl?

you need to get a poketch that has an app for the time set to you ds

How do you use the underground poketch app in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you touch the screen with your stiylist

Where do you get the marking map poketch app?

talk to the president of the poketch company in jubilife city

Where is the poketch app for catching mespirit?

You can get the Marking Map app from the President of the PokeTch Co. after you get the 3rd badge in Jubilife City.

How do you get the map app in Pokemon pearl?

Get 3 badges and obtain it in Jubilife City Poketch building.

Where is app 16 in Pokemon Pearl?

Talk to the Poketch President after receiving 7 gym badges.

Where do you get the marking app on Pokemon pearl?

If you have 3 badges, go to the president of the app company and he will give it to you.

What if you can't catch mespirit?

Use the poketch app marking map. you get it from the president of the poketch company [jublie city} after receiving the 7th or 8th gym badge diamond and pearl not sure about platinum

In pokemon pearl where is a pokemon happy meter?

You can get the Happiness Checker Poketch App by talking to a woman in Eterna City's Pokemon Center. This app allows you to see how much your Pokemon likes you.

What is name of the poketech app that tells you were the legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon diamond?

There is no such app, there is only an app which can show you where roaming Pokemon, such as Mesprit and Cresellia are, called the Marking Map (which can be obtained from the president of the Poketch company after obtaining the Veilstone badge).

How do you get the poketch marking map app on Pokemon platinum English version?

You must have 7 badges then talk to the president of the poketech company in jubilife city and he will give you the app

Were do you find in item app in platinum?

App is not an item, it is those things that you put into youir poketch, such as the marking map.

How do you use the marking map app for the poketch?

When a Pokemon is travelling around (mesprit, cresselia) the marking map will show a little face. Wherever the face is on the map, you will find the Pokemon. The Pokemon wil not be standing there, it will be hiding in the tall grass or even on water..

Which one is the marking map poketch app?

Its a basic map with the shapes down the bottom

Where are all 25 poketch app's in Pokemon platinum?

poketch app 1:digital clock location: available from the beginning poketch app 2:calculator location:available from the beginning poketch app 3:memo pad location:go to the poketch company building in jubilife city after the 1st gym and talk to the president poketch app 4:pedometer location:available from the beginning poketch app 5:Pokemon list location:available from the beginning poketch app 6:friendship checker location:talk to a woman in eterna city Pokemon center poketch app 7:dowsing machine location:dawn/lucas will give it to you at route 207 poketch app 8:berry searcher location:talk to the small girl at the berry master's house in route 208 poketch app 9:daycare checker location:after giving a Pokemon to the daycare lady in solaceon town,exit the daycare house and enter it to the guy sitting on the chair. poketch app 10:Pokemon history location:talk to a man in solaceon town.he is to the right of a buneary running in the daycare poketch app 11:counter location:talk to the 3rd person on the 2nd floor of the vielstone department store.(the 3rd person from the top to bottom of the counter) poketch app 12:analogue clock location:talk to the karate guy in the house to the right of the Pokemon center poketch app 13:marking map location:talk to the poketch company president in jubilife city in the poketch company building after beating the 3rd gym poketch app 14:link searcher location;after beating the 5th gym talk to the poketch company president in the same place poketch app 15:coin toss location:in route 213,there is a will need rock climb to get to a to the man in it. poketch app 16:move tester location;beat the 7th gym and talk t the poketch company president poketch app 17:calender location:use rock climb in sunyshore city to get to the house to the right of the munchlax type the man a Pokemon with a serious nature poketch app 18:dot artist location:show the same man a Pokemon with a naive nature(after you show him a Pokemon with a serious nature) poketch app 19:roulette show the same man (after he naive nature Pokemon) a Pokemon with a quirky nature poketch app 20:trainer counter location:talk to prof oak at the pal park in route 221 after getting the nat.dex poketch app 21:kitchen timer location:show the girl in pal park a snorlax poketch app 22:color changer location:show the same girl(after snorlax)a kecleon poketch app 23:matchup checker location:after catching 5 Pokemon in the safari game in pastoria city,a girl will give it to you poketch app 24:stopwatch location:Nintendo event poketch app 25:alarm clock location:Nintendo event hope this helped :D