In Pokemon shipphire you traded your friend his feebas and you made it's buaety until it wont eat and you finished the beathy rank but it wont evolve then you traind it to lv 30 and it wont evolve wha?

no ok then u cant get milotic... u have to get its beauty all the way up.

all the way, if pokeblock was used and it didnt do beauty then im sorry u need all 12 pokeblocks to be beauty.. im sorry.

ok the best way to do this is to trade it Pokemon pearl or diamond.(by migrating) then all you have to do is make him/her eat will start eating again. (i hope if this doesnt work just get another feebas and migrate it in diamond or pearl its easierto give max.)

are breed it, and get more feebas and get them to eat, and if u have a AR there is a cheet to have supper puffun.