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The creators of Smallville say that season 8 will be about dual identities (like Clark Kent/Superman, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow etc.) so there IS a chance that Clark will wear the costume.

Not according to new exec producer Brian Peterson who says that the show will hold to its original "no tights" rule, but he would not comment on the "no flights" restriction. (Source - )

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Does clark ever get to wear the superman costume in Smallville?

Yes, at the end of Smallville (season 10) he FINALLY gets to put the costume on (that his mother made him but Jor-El thought he wasn't ready and hid it in the fortress) and saves the world from Brianiac in which Smallville then ends.

When does clark become Superman in smallville?

Clark becomes Superman at the very last episode where he FINALLY embraces who he should be come, and is on the right path as well as FINALLY get his Superman outfit and flies out to save the world which is the last episode of Smallville (season 10).

Will Clark get the Superman suit in Smallville?

Yes, he will.

Why isn't there going to be a season 11 of Smallville?

They are not going to make an 11 season in smallville because this TV shows is seapost to show the years before Clark becomes superman and in season 10 the last episode he becomes superman so that means the show is over and that is why they are not making an 11 season in smallville and im very mad about that. By: ATA :)

Does Clark marry Lana in Smallville?

Since Smallville is about a young Superman in the end he will be with Lois Lane. Clark Kent and Lois Lane its fate.

Does Clark Kent finally become Superman in the final episode of the TV show 'Smallville'?

It made sense to end it that way since the TV show was about Clark Kent's journey to become Superman.

Who player Superman in Smallville?

Tom Welling, an actor, plays Clark Kent, who will one day become Superman. He is not yet Superman in Smallville, as the show is about his teen years. Hope that helps!

Who is the actor that plays Superman on the show Smallville?

Superman or Clark Kent is played by actor Tom Welling.

Will clark fly in Smallville Season 9?


Who Grew-up in Smallville?

Clark Kent who is also known as Superman .

Are they making smallville when clark kent comes Superman?

In the TV series finale, Clark does become Superman however they will not be making a TV series based on Smallville's Clark's adventures as Superman.

What season did clark from smallville learn to fly?

Clark started learning how to fly in Season 10.

When does the relationship between Clark and Lois start in Smallville?

The relationship between Lois and Clark began in the ninth season of Smallville.

Are clark and Lois in the 2009 season of Smallville?

yes they are

In which season is Clark evil in Smallville?

The beginning of season 3 after wearing the red kryptonite ring in the season 2 finale and leaving smallville.

On Smallville is clark going to become Superman?

The whole point of smallville is to tell the story of Clark's teen years, before he was "Superman". I would suppose that they would have to end the franchise upon him "Becoming" Superman from the Red Blue Blur.

Will there be a Lois and clark in season eight of Smallville?

Lois and Clark are in Season 8 of Smallville but there's no relationship stuff but they do grow closer and start to acquire feelings for 1 another.

What season of Smallville does lana learn that clark has powers?

I think its in season 6

Is SmallVille a city in Kansas?

In the Smallville television series as well as in the Superman mythology which includes the comics and other television series and movies based on Superman Smallville is a city in the state of Kansas. Smallville is the city is which Lana Lang, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan had resided in and Clark Kent (also known as Superman) resides in Smallville as well at his home which is known as the Kent Farm.

Who dies on Smallville season 8?

Clark Kent dies!

How many people who have ever played Clark Kent have appeared on the tv show Smallville?

2 people who have played Clark Kent in other media have appeared on "Smallville" and they are Christopher Reeve and Dean Cain. Christopher Reeve played Clark Kent in the 1978 Superman movie as well as the next 3 Superman movies. In Smallville, he played Dr. Virgil Swann. Dean Cain played Clark in "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." In Smallville, Dean plays an evil Doctor named Dr. Curtis Knox who has the ability to cure the meteor infected.

According to Clark who is the queen of obscure and irrelevant references on Smallville?

Chloe Did you know:The character of Chloe on the television show "Smallville" was not in the original Superman comics.

What season of Lois and Clark the new adventures of superman do Lois and Clark start dating?

The second season .

Are they allowed to use the name superman in Smallville?

Yes as is shown in the Smallville series finale the Smallville show is allowed to use the Superman name however it was a creative choice by the Producers and the writers themselves to decide to not refer to the Superman title until they felt their Clark Kent was ready to become Superman and therefore was ready to wear tights and take flights.

When does clark and Lois start to fall in love with each other in Smallville?

You get a glimpse of their love in Season 6 Episode 13 (crimson). It was under red kryptonite though. I guess you cant be sure. But then, later in life Lois doesn't know that Clark is superman so she doesn't fall in love with Clark, only superman. i think he really fell in love with her on season 4 episode 1