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His mother wants him to refresh his faith, get married, and have kids. His father father wants him to support himself.

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The title is ironic beause krebs no longer fits in with his family and town now that he is back home.

Glycolysis makes oxygen and Krebs cycle doesnt

Krebs involves energy. Calvin involves volts.

The Krebs cycle runs twice for each molecule of glucose consumed.

The Mitochondrial Matrix Contains The Enzymes Needed To Catalyze The Reactions Of Krebs Cycle.

Josh Krebs goes by J.D. Krebs.

The address of the Krebs Historical Inc is: Po Box 1493, Krebs, OK 74554-1493

the Krebs cycle and electron transport chain are both involved in celluar respiration. They also both produce ATP

The intermediate step doesn't belong to either glycolysis or the Krebs cycle. Glycolysis ends with two three-carbon pyruvate molecule production.

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