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I looked up the laws for marriage in South Carolina and you need parental permission at 17 to get married, so it sounds like you are obviously underage. Since you are underage it is possible your mother could press charges of Statutory Rape against your fiance, but doubt she can do anything to the friend for picking the young woman up. Also if your mother has knowledge of your fiance and accepted him for several months then there is nothing she can really do. You sound like a an intelligent person and I hope you will really think about spending over-night with your fiance. This doesn't sound like a relationship made in heaven. If he hasn't slipped an engagement ring on your finger and given a promise you are engaged he's full of it! It appears your mother wasn't happy with the engagement. Ask yourself why. She isn't jealous and she has no gain by having you leave this young man for no reason. Time you realized that you should look on your mother first as a woman, then as a mother. Your mother was young once too and she has packed away a lot of wisdom through the years. What are you afraid of hearing? Many men will promise to get engaged, even put an engagement ring on your finger just to get you into bed and then that's it. I can't judge your finance, but stop, look and listen and get your head out of the stars long enough to really look at your fiance. If he's such a good guy he can wait! Ask yourself why your mother is so upset over this. Sounds like you and your mother have been having a few arguements. Perhaps it's time you sat down and without yelling expressed both yourselves. At least listen to her. You're young and you'll make enough mistakes in life without fighting with everyone around you. We all make mistakes, but hopefully learn from them. Marcy No, people often get confused between the age of emancipation which in S.C. is 18 and the age of sexual consent, which in S.C. is 16, (S.C. Constituional Amendment 16, Article 16-3-1600). This bill was passed but has yet to be signed by the governor. The actual S.C. Constitution Article III Sect. 33 states "No unmarried woman shall legally consent to sexual intercours who shall not have attained the age of fourteen years." No charges can be brought against the young man as long as the sexual contact was consensual. There is a small chance that a misdemeanor charge such as "corruption of morals pertaining to a minor" or something similar could be brought by a parent(s). However it is without doubt given the circumstance a judge would view it as being De Minimis Non Curat Lex ("The law does not concern itself with trifles.")

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Q: In South Carolina if a girl is 17 and her fiance is 20 can her mother do anything to her fiance if the girl spends the night with him?
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