In Star Wars did any of the clones not listen to Order 66?

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I'd say 99% of all clone troopers obeyed, but a few, very rare clone troopers probably didn't obey Order 66 and worked in secret. In Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader, the author mentioned that Darth Sidious foretold that The Empire will have enemies. So the Empire had many enemies+Rebels.
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Were there any good clones in Star Wars that did not get order 66 and went into hiding and will come out and defeat the bad guys?

No only the arc troopers that were in star wars 2 they were in kamino! u know that rainy place with the aliens with long necks that's were the arc troopers were hiding until t

Star Wars order 66?

In ep. II you will hear the clone makers say that the clones are very loyal and will follow orders without a question. In ep. III Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) ordered the clo

Can you be a jedi in order 66 in star wars battlefront 2?

yes you can be Aayla Secura on felucia (clone wars), you can also be Ki adi mundi on mygeeto(clone wars), Yoda on Kashyyyk (clone wars), Anakin on Mustafar (galactic civil war

Did any clones disobey order 66?

Very few clones did. But did. Ion Team refused to execute Roan Shryne, Bol Chatak, and Padawan Olee Starstone when they received Order 66. For doing so, they were killed by or
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Were there any clone in star wars that somehow didn't do order 66 because maybe communications were cut off or something?

like most of the clones did order 66 if communication were cut off, the clone wouldn't even hear of order 66. if somehow they were told of it and then they got the order they
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What is the Star Wars order 66?

Order 66 was an event at the end of the Clone Wars in which theclone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic turned againsttheir Jedi commanders and terminated them, bringi