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It depends on the insurance company. Some insurance companies will cover the vehicle when it is loaned to someone else. Many have restrictions that they will only cover someone of a certain age or older.

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Q: In TEXAS can an uninsured licensed driver drive another's insured vehicle without penalty?
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Is there a Penalty for uninsured driver with insured vehicle?

As far as states go I know in Utah it is the vehicle not the driver that is insured.

What happens when an uninsured driver driving an insured car got hit by an insured driver?

P.S. The insured driver is found at-fault with witnesses. The uninsured driver is worried if his license will be suspended or facing any penalty for driving the his parent's INSURED car.

Can the other person's insurance company take you to court to suspend your driver license after an accident when you weren't insured?

Only if the legal penalty for driving while uninsured is license suspension.

What is penalty for hiring unlicensed contractor in Maryland?

The penalty is YOU LOSE. They are not bonded or insured and your loss is just that. GOOD LUCK!

What is the penalty in Hawaii state for driving with a permit and not with a valid licensed driver?

6 months

What is the penalty for driving your bosses car if it is not insured?

If you are driving the car, then you are officially liable for driving without proof of insurance, but most police will be understanding if you are driving a company car that you didn't know was insured.

What is the penalty for being unlicensed and driving in North Carolina?

$50 for driving while not licensed plus 120 of court Fee. total $ 170

What is the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident in Pennsylvania?

It depends on whether or not the vehicle or property was attended, whether or not anyone was injured or killed, and whether or not the driver was properly licensed.

How long can you go with auto insurance before they give a penalty?

You are subject to a ticket for driving without insurance the moment one wheel of an uninsured vehicle touches the pavement of a public road under it's own power.

What happens in the UK if you and your friend get caught riding each others 50cc's on the road?

If your insurance covered it, you will be fine. If you insurance did not cover it: You can be charged with driving without insurance which is typically a fixed penalty of £100 and 3 points of your licence (much more if it goes to court). You can be charged with permitting an insured driver to drive your vehicle which carries the same disposal as driving uninsured yourself. If the policeman is feeling very kind, you may just get a stern telling off.

What is the penalty of driving on a learners permit in Alberta?

If you drive on a learner's permit without a licensed driver in the car, you will lose your learner's permit. You could face the risk on not getting your license at all.

When will it be illegal not to have health insurance?

Never. It will always be legal to go uninsured, but some people who go without health insurance will have to pay a tax penalty. The penalty started to apply on January 1, 2014. In order to be hit with the penalty, you mustBe a U.S. citizen or legal resident (no undocumented immigrants; American Indians also are exempt)Have income greater than the tax filing minimum ($9,750 for a one-person household)Pay no more than 8% of your income for the lowest cost planNot be in jailEven if you meet all of those criteria, you can still go three months "bare" and pay no penalty.

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