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In Texas can a credit company put a lien on your parents house after a car that your dad co-signed for was repoed even though all that is owed now is 10k and the house is worth a lot more than that?


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Yes, if the creditor files suit and wins a judgment the judgment can be executed as a lien against real property belonging to the debtor(s). In most cases, the state's homestead exemption will protect a primary residence from being sold. Texas law does not allow forced sale of a primary residence, but the lien will remain in place accruing interest until it is paid, in which case the property cannot be refinanced, sold nor the title transferred. Judgments are very damaging to one's credit and because they do accrue interest the amount owed can become quite substantial. Most judgments are renewable, which means they will be removed from the CR after the 7 years expiration date, but they will remain valid and enforceable until paid.