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A judgment creditor can levy a bank account even if it is joint. A judgment creditor can only garnish income if there is no other way to recover monies owed. A judgment creditor can place a lien against real property but cannot perfect the lien as a forced sale of a primary residence. A judgment creditor cannot seize a tax refund.

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Q: In Texas can a creditor judgment for an unpaid phone bill be enforced as a wage or tax refund garnishment or a bank account levy?
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Can your checking account and wages be garnished at the same time?

Not for the same debt, but a wage garnishment can be implemented by one judgment creditor and a bank account levy by an additional judgment creditor.

If you have a joint checking account in Michigan can a credit card company freeze the account?

Yes, if a creditor wins a lawsuit and is granted a judgment, said judgment can be enforced as a bank account garnishment. A joint account (even a marital one) is subject to attachment to the extent of the debtor's share.

Can two debt collectors take 25 percent of your income at the same time?

No. Judgment creditor garnishments or bank account levies must run consecutively. Please note: Child support garnishments and/or tax garnishments can be enforced while a creditor garnishment is active. And in some states garnishment for spousal maintenance can be active while a creditor garnishment is being executed.

Can more than one creditor issue a bank garnishment and payroll garnishment at one time?

Yes. While there are certain limits that may mean no more garnishment can be taken...the actions of one creditor don't really effect the actions of another. Garnishments or bank levies by a single judgment creditor must run consecutively not concurrently. However, a single judgment creditor can execute a wage garnishment while a different judgment creditor levies a bank account belonging to the named debtor(s). Child support and tax arrearage garnisments can run concurrently with a judgment creditor garnishment.

Can a person's wages or bank account be garnished for credit card debt in Texas?

Texas allows bank account levy by a creditor judgment. Wage garnishment is only allowed if the creditor does not have any other means of executing the judgment.

What happens if a judgment creditor places a levy on a bank account and the account balance is less than the judgment amount?

You get fined a fee by the bank, your account is frozen, and they will probably come after your paycheck through garnishment (even if the levy is removed) Levy is a step, garnishment follows.

What can credit card company get when they sue you?

States inact laws that determine howa judgment creditor can execute the judgment against the judgment debtor. In most states a judgment writ can be enforced as a wage garnishment (preferred method) or bank account levy or a lienand/orseizure and sale of unexempt real or personal property belonging solely to the judgment debtor.

Can your checking account in Texas be garnished due to a debt in another State?

The creditor would need to obtain a lawsuit judgment from the Texas court before wage garnishment would be allowed. Texas only allows garnishment of wages when there are no other means for a judgment creditor to collect a debt owed. If a judgment has already been entered against the debtor in a different state, the judgment creditor can place a "foreign" judgment lien against property owned by the debtor.

How many garnishments can one person have at a time?

Wage garnishments cannot run concurrently, each garnishment judgment must be satisfied before another can be enforced. Creditors however have other options for executing judgments, therefore if a wage garnishment order is active, a different creditor holding a judgment can use it for bank account levy, seizure and sale of non-exempt property and liens against real property belonging to the debtor(s). Texas, Pennsylvania, N.Carolina and S.Carolina do not allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. All wage garnishment for creditor debt only can be appealed by the debtor if he or she so chooses by using a "hardship" defense.

Does Delaware allow wage garnishment from credit card companies?

Yes. This is a contract account. As such, once the creditor has obtained a judgment, they have a variety of means of collecting the debt.

How many bank accounts can a debtor garnish at one time?

A single judgment by one creditor can only be executed as one specific "cure" and cannot be enforced as multiple levies, garnishments or liens concurrently. However, a judgment creditor can garnish a bank account or income at the same time a child support, tax arrearage and in some states spousal maintenance garnishment is active.

Can a judge in Ohio order your bank in Texas to levy your account?

Under the full faith and credit law the judgment creditor (holder) can obtain an exemplified copy of the judgment from the clerk of the court in the district where the judgment was awarded.The judgment holder then sends the document(s) to the clerk of the court's office in the county/city and state where the judgment debtor resides. The judgment will then be executed in the manner stated, (garnishment, lien, bank account levy, etc.).Texas does allow bank account levies by judgment creditors. Therefore, a Texas magistrate will sign the "foreign" judgment and canorder it enforced as a bank account levy.

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