In Texas if your car was repossessed in 2001 can they do anything to you like file a lien against your house?


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Check out this link:


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No In Texas your wages can be garnished by the IRS or Child Support only

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if i get my car repossessed, can they put a llien on the house?

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no i dont think any body would like their house repossessed because that will mean your a tramp, then u will be put in a dangerous place .. :'(

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Yes. The creditor can sue the debtor in Texas and use a judgment award to place a lien against property belonging to the debtor. I'm not a lawyer and would encourage you to call one. But I believe the previous answer is incomplete. If you reside in Texas, and you LIVE in the home in question, a judgment award cannot really be used against that property. If they put a lien on the house, all you need to do is claim "homestead exemption" and tell the creditor to remove the lien. They are required to do that. If they refuse, you can sue them for damages. The creditor can place a lien on OTHER property that you own (i.e. not your primary residence). Or any property that you inherit.

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