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There is no way one could even guess at what penalty if any might be assessed if the person is convicted of the crime. The exact details of the criminal act would have to be known and any prior criminal history of the accused as well as other factors too numerous to go into. The accused should discuss the situation with his or her legal counsel and no one else, including family members, co-workers, authorities, etc.

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How do you write slackening in a sentence?

My supervisor has ordered me to work steadily, with no slackening off.

What are some examples using the prefix super?


Who imprisoned Saint Valentine?

Roman Emperor Claudius II Gothicus ordered that Valentine be arrested and executed.

Why were bolin and mocko arrested in the Legend of Korra?

Bolin and Mako were arrested in the 8th episode called When Extremes Meet. Asami was arrested for being a non-bender and since her father, Hiroshi Sato, is a known member of the Equalists. Mako and Bolin tried to stick up for her, but Tarrlok ordered them to be arrested also.

Who sentenced Saint Valentine to prison?

Roman Emperor Claudius II Gothicus ordered Valentine arrested, tortured and executed.

can dna be court ordered?

People arrested for a felony and/or convicted for that felony must give DNA for a criminal database in the state of New Mexico. DNA for a paternity test can only be court ordered in special cases.

Why did Hitler order Kristallnacht?

Hitler ordered Kristallnacht as an excuse to get rid of Jews, or capture Jews that had been individually selected to be arrested.

What is Unlawful trespass in TN?

Entering upon the property of another and then refuusing to quit the premises when so ordered.

If you have a bench warrant can you be arrested in another state?

Yes. Every warrant specifies where it can be served, so the answer depends on what the judge ordered when the warrant was issued.

If Court ordered spousal support was set and husband does not pay what can happen?

He can be arrested for not paying and his pay check garnished. Inform the court of his nonpayment .

What are the reasons other states can garnish your wages in Texas?

Court ordered child support, spousal maintenance, federal or state taxes, a court ordered restitution for personal injury and/or property damage.

What did Louis Reil do?

he ordered the death of thomas Scott and he told land surveyors to stay away from his friends property

Use the word traitor in a sentence?

he is a traitor. Traitors are punished very harshly.

Who was the powerful and ruthless leader of the Soviet Union from 1929-1953 who also ordered the Great Purge in which he had his real and imagined enemies arrested?

Joseph Stalin .

Can your sons father get in trouble for not paying childsupport?

It depends. Assuming the courts have ordered child support, then not paying child support violates that order and the father can be arrested.

What follows- The more certain private property rights are?

The more stable and ordered the society is. The more capital accumulation there will be.

Can you get arrested for a warrant?

A "warrant" is, broadly, an order to do a particular thing. What that thing is depends on the type of warrant.One common type of warrant is an arrest warrant, and not only can you be arrested if you're named on one, law enforcement officers are specifically ordered to arrest you if they see you.

Can a person be forced to pay court ordered debt?

In some fashion, yes. The court can garnish wages, seize property, and incarcerate.

Why is St. Sebastian's symbol an arrow?

When Sebastian was arrested for refusing, as an army officer, to persecute Christians, the emperor ordered him executed. He was shot with a number of arrows and left for dead. He survived the execution and was treated for his injuries by St. Irene. He returned to evangelizing and was again arrested and beaten to death.

What is a set of second coordinates in an ordered pair?

The point of the functional property is that for any pair in the set of ordered pairs, the first coordinate determines what the second one is. That's why you can write "G(x)" for any x in the domain ofG and not be ambiguous.

Can a probation officer not let you go to church?

It depends on where the church is located first of all. If it is outside of the confines of your travel restrictions, then yes, he can. If you are specifically ordered by the court to not attend this particular church for some reason, he can. A PO can't order you to do anything that is not ordered by the court, so a lot of it depends on the reason he is telling you no. Talk with his Supervisor.

Is a court ordered wage garnishment valid if their supervisor signed the order but the employee did not?

Yes. It sounds like the court document your supervisor signed for was the order for garnishment. As such, whether you signed for it or not the order is good; the letter was simply a notification. If your boss didn't inform you he signed for the letter, it doesn't affect the credit card company's legal right to have a judgment against you.

What is the past participle of order?

ordered; I ordered a chocolate milkshake. You ordered a chocolate milkshake. He ordered a chocolate milkshake. We ordered a chocolate milkshake. They ordered a chocolate milkshake.

If the court ordered you to leave your house by foreclosure but your friend tried to stop or stall you from leaving the house how do you deal with them if you don't want to get in trouble by the court?

The opinion or wishes of a friend are irrelevant when the issue is a mandated order from the court. If the person does not voluntarily leave the property as indicated by the eviction order, the authorities that hold jurisdiction will remove said person and his or her personal property by whatever means necessary. In addition, persons violating any court order can be arrested and held for contempt and possible other charges.

Incredible things Rosa Parks did?

In the 1920s, she defied a white police officer when she was ordered to let a younger white man sit in her seat on the bus. She was arrested for her defiance because she was a black woman.