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A minor child has nothing to do with the foreclosure. Best option, talk to the judge maybe he will have simpathy and give you 30 days.


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No. An unmarried mother has sole custody of her child until the courts become involved.

Parents decide where the child will live and if they are moving they have to come with.

What constitutes child abandonment in Texas?

There is no child support after a child turns 18 in Texas, unless the child has not graduated high school.

It depends on where you live and whether you are involved in a car accident, moving violation that pertains to unsafe conditions or "just a child safety seat violation". If you get a safety seat violation that does not involve injury to the child you will be fined. In the event there is a MVA or moving violation involving unsafe driving that resulted in injury or death to the child you can be charged with neglect or manslaughter. Just keep your kids in a safety seat, it is safer for the child and for other motorists; by allowing you to drive undistracted by a child moving around in your vehicle.

If you live in the US... Once the foreclosure is completed, if the property is still occupied, the lender will begin the legal eviction process. The fact that you have a minor child doesn't buy you any extra time.

No there is no need for the child to go to Texas.

No. That would prevent people from moving on after a divorce. If she is unfit in any way you have to prove that to the court and can get a restraining order. Otherwise it's the parent the child is with who decides who the child can see or not.

Yes, their child is 17 and has not reached the age of majority. Until that age the parents are responsible and make the decisions.

You are not allowed to decide that as long as you are a minor. If the parents can't or is not allowed to decide, the court will.

Yes, it can. Moving in with the other parent is grounds for "flipping" child support payments. However, this must be done by court order.

At age 18. in Texas any child is considered an adult at that age.

The "Child Savers" and the child labor supporters.

To the best of my knowledge, every state has child labor laws. There are also federal child labor laws. To find Texas' child labor laws, google 'Texas statutes, labor code, chapter 51'

If your child has never been enrolled in a public school, you do not need to inform anyone. If your child has been in a public school, you fill out a withdraw form just as you would if you were moving or putting him in private school. For reason or new school, write "homeschool."

No unless the child is under 18 or it has been previously agreed upon in a decree. Texas does not have child support for adults in college.

My child is 13 and lives in Texas and he wants to live with his father. Can he do this legally?

No, an unborn "child" is not yet a child. The child support can be requested once the child is born.

the doctors and urself

the people i believe involved in child abuse are: the parents (drunken, lonely, on drugs, or deppressed) live-ins and mostly men

Beyonce, as a child, in Astro Place in Houstan, Texas

Child support ends in Texas when the child reaches age 18 or graduates from high school (so long as the child is a full-time student), whichever is later. Texas divorce and paternity decrees can be quite lengthy, but the decree should set out when child support ends.

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