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No, sorry. You can't. Everyone thinks you can, but really, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Are the only Pokemon games where you leave the reigon. And you go to Kanto.

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Q: In Visual Boy Advance can you go to Johto region in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where is kanto region in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You're in the Kanto region in LeafGreen and FireRed.

What region is Pokemon LeafGreen in?


What region is Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you get into the hone region in Pokemon LeafGreen?

not possible.

How do you get into the Hoeen Region on Pokemon LeafGreen?

there is no way you can reach the hoenn region.

What regions are on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Leafgreen takes place in the Kanto region. some jhoto Pokemon can be found in the islands.

Where is kanto in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You are currently in the kanto region!

Pokemon LeafGreen where is the kanto region?

you are already in the kanto region when you start the games

How do you go to a different region on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you dont, kanto is the only region

What region is Pokemon FireRed verison?

in firered and leafgreen you play in the kanto region

Can you go to johto region on Pokemon LeafGreen?

sorry. There is no way to get to johto with Pokemon leaf.

What are all the legendary Pokemon that you can get on Pokemon LeafGreen?

In PoKeMoN FireRed/ LeafGreen all the PoKeMoN that can be captured in the Kanto region and not from the Hoenn region would be: - Arcanine (the PoKeDex classifies it as a Legendary Pokemon) - Articuno [ Ice/ Flying ] - Zapdos [ Electric/ Flying ] - Moltres [ Fire/ Flying ]

How do you get to johto region in Pokemon LeafGreen rom?

you have to get pass or rainbow pass

Where is the Hoenn islang in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The island of Hoenn is not available in Pokemon LeafGreen, unfortunately. FireRed and LeafGreen are limited to the region of Kanto, while Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are currently the only Pokemon games that take place in Hoenn.

How to get totodile in Pokemon LeafGreen?

oviously u cant because totodile comes from the jhoto region and Pokemon lg is kanto region :) sorry!

How do you get a national pokedex in Pokemon LeafGreen?

see every pokemon in the kanto region then visit professer oak

What Pokemon region has Squirtle Bulbasaur and Charmander as starter Pokemon?

The Kanto region games have these Pokemon as the starters in the beginning. This includes Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and FireRed, LeafGreen.

How do you get into the Jhoto region in Pokemon leaf green version?

You don't. The closest thing to the johto region in FireRed AND LeafGreen are the Sevii Islands. You don't. The closest thing to the johto region in FireRed AND LeafGreen are the Sevii Islands.

Can you buy Pokemon Fire Red or LeafGreen for DS?

no but in heartgold/soulsilver you can travle to the kanto region

Where can you get a Kanto Pokemon FireRed?

Pokemon firered/leafgreen/blue/yellow/green/red they are all of the games based on the kanto region

How do you catch a leafeon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it doesn't exist in the kanto, johto, or hoenn region. it is a sinnoh only pokemon, a new one.

How do you get to johto region on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Johto is inaccessible on Leaf Green although Islands Four to Seven contain Johto Pokemon.

Is Pokemon LeafGreen has two regions?

No, it is set in the Kanto region and hosts special islands off the coast of the region known as the Sevii Islands.

How can you go to the Hoenn Region in Pokemon FireRed?

You can NEVER go to the Hoenn region in LeafGreen or FireRed. You may trade with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, but NO!!!

Where is garry in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Garry is not in the game he is on the show that took place in the Kanto region the only way you can get garry to appear in leafgreen is to name your rival Garry