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No, Aqua Spirit can only be special summoned from hand that way. The only time a monster can summon itself from a different zone, is if it specifically says it can. Plaguespreader Zombie is one - it states that it summons itself from the graveyard.

But without such text, then they can only summon themselves from hand.

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Can 'The Rock Spirit' be summoned from the graveyard?

"The Rock Spirit" can only be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, if it was Special Summoned from the Hand via its effect first. In other words, if it was "improperly" sent to the Graveyard, such as by discarding from the Hand, it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard. If it was successfully Special Summoned by its own effect onto the field and is then sent to the Graveyard, it is then elligible to be Special Summoned from the same Graveyard. However, if it's Special Summon was negated by a card effect such as "Solemn Judgment" and sent to the Graveyard, it cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard.

If you equip a spirit monster with a spell equip card what happens to that equip card when the spirit monster returns to your hand?

The equip spell is sent to the graveyard and the monster returns to your hand as usual :)

In Yu-Gi-Oh why can you use Monster Reborn on Dark Necrofear but not Uria Lord of Searing Flames?

Answers taken from the YGO! TCG Website: ...If a Special Summon-only monster is successfully Special Summoned to the field, using the proper method, and is then sent from the field to the Graveyard, you may use "Monster Reborn", etc. to revive the monster back to the field, and you do not have to use the proper method again. (For example, if you Special Summon "Aqua Spirit" by removing 1 WATER monster in your Graveyard from play, and "Aqua Spirit" is then destroyed and sent to your Graveyard, you may use "Monster Reborn" on "Aqua Spirit" without having to remove another WATER monster in your Graveyard from play.) However, if a Special Summon-only monster is placed in your Graveyard because it was discarded from your hand, or some other method that did not involve the monster being Special Summoned to the field using the proper method, you cannot use "Monster Reborn", etc. on the monster. ---- No, you will never be able to Special Summon "Armed Dragon LV7" [or "Uria, Loard of Saering Flames"] with "Monster Reborn" because "Armed Dragon LV7" [and "Uria, Loard of Saering Flames"] is a monster that can only be Special Summoned by the method described in its text. These monsters can be identified by the text "This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by …". This means that the method described after the "except by" is the only way that monster can ever be Summoned. This prevents it from being Special Summoned from the Graveyard with "Monster Reborn", "Call of the Haunted", or any other effect, even if it was properly Summoned by its own effect first. Some earlier prints of cards do not have the "This card cannot be Special Summoned except by…" text, but are still included in this category of monsters. These cards include "Exodia Necross", "Berserk Dragon", and "Mirage Knight".

Can flute of summoning dragon summon rainbow dragon?

Cards that can 'only be Special Summoned by', or 'cannot be Special Summoned except by' can only ever reach the field initially by that listed method.Flute of Summoning Dragon can never summon Rainbow Dragon. Even if the conditions are right, that's something that allows you to special summon it (at the same timing as a Normal Summon in your turn), not any external effect.Cards that state "...can only be Special Summoned by..." can be Special Summoned, for example, from the Graveyard after its initial Special Summon (by its own effect) is successful. For example, you Special Summon The Rock Spirit from your Hand by removing from play one Rock-Type monster in your Graveyard. Your opponent then somehow manages to destroy The Rock Spirit. Because it was successfully Special Summoned by its own effect, The Rock Spirit is now eligible to be Special Summoned from the Graveyard via a effect such as Call of the Haunted.

What is a Spirit monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

A spirit monster is a monster that usually has the ability to return to the players hand. also, some spirit monsters have special equip items that go with them

What is a spirit in Yu-Gi-Oh?

A Spirit monster is a subtype of Effect monster, like Union and Toons. In general, Spirit monsters can't be special summoned, and return to their owner's hand at the end of the turn they were summoned or flipped in.

Can Spirit Reaper be destroyed by card effects if The Lady in Wight is in the Graveyard?

Lady in Wight's only graveyard effect is to change its name, assumedly Lady in Wight is in play and not in the graveyard. Her protective effect only lasts as long as she remains face-up on the field.As per Lady in Wight's text, Spirit Reaper can't be destroyed by Spell or Trap effects, but, monster effects can still destroy it. If a spell or trap targets Spirit Reaper that will make it destroy itself by its own effect.

What are the Monster High codes for school spirit meter?

what are the monster high cods for school spirit meter

What is removing a spirit called?


How do you find the Lingering Spirit in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep?

Once the game is completed with Terra, Aqua and Ventus, a special story mode option is available. Once that portion of the game is completed, load another character's file, and travel to the Keyblade Graveyard. A second area within the Keyblade Graveyard will appear and the Lingering Spirit is found there in the form of a dark sphere.

Why spirit use for removing nail polish from nails?

because nail polish is soluble in spirit

In Yu-Gi-Oh GX Spirit Caller is there a card that lets you to summon your spirit?

err, yes, you get the card when you get a spirit, just look through your trunk for the monster with the same name as the spirit that has joined you, place it in your deck and summon it like a normal monster.

Were do you get monster reborn spirit caller?

from atticus have to battle him a lot

When a monster that cannot be destroyed in battle is attacked while in face down defence position what happens?

The monster is flipped into face-up defense position and any battle damage that occurs is calculated. Afterwards the monster that was attacked remains on the field and is not sent to the Graveyard.Examples of monsters that cannot be destroyed in battle are Spirit Reaper and Marshmallon.If a monster attacks with an effect that enables it to deal damage equal to the difference in its ATK and the defending monster's DEF (like Twin-Sword Marauder or a monster equipped with Big Bang Shot), the damage is calculated but the monster is still not destroyed in battle.

Which effect does Rainbow Veil negate in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The monster who battles with the monster equipped with Rainbow Veil, has its effect negated. So if a monster equipped with Rainbow Veil battles a Spirit Reaper, Spirit Reaper's continuous effect will be negated, it can be destroyed by battle.

How do you get a spirit monster on yu hi oh GX?

you get one by getting one

What do the people in coles nightmare call him in touching spirit bear?

They call him a "monster"

What are locker codes for monster high ghoul spirit?

32 43 21

What is in the treasure boxes at slippery station spirit tracks?

shield eating monster

Is Monster High Ghoul Spirit for playstation 2?

No it is Nintendo Wii and DS

Will monster reborn work on spirit reaper?

Yes. Monster Reborn doesn't target it while it is on the field. It will summon it and it will be fine, it will not destroy itself.

When was the special time the Holy Spirit was given to the church?

The Holy Spirit was given to the believers at Pentecost.

Can you special summon spirit of the six samarii from your deck using its effect?

No you cant special summon spirit if it was equiped to one of your six sam's if you had enough busido counters then you can add him to your hand but not special summon it

Is there ghosts in New Orleans?

Yes, there is one that is known to live in a New Orleans graveyard. It is been seen by many people. The ghost/spirit, loans around the graveyard and helps people find the graves that they've been looking for. (E.g. You would follow the graveyard ghost and where ever you end up it will turn out to be the one you were looking for.)

Why is spirit used for removing nail polish from the nails?

because spirit absorbs the particals of nail polish and the surface of the nails look like pearl

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